Sunday, February 6, 2011

Slow weegen

Rain Rain Go Away...

Nah. But, locked inside with kids- it was quiet actually.

They all have their own agendas!

get up after someone else
so that the cat and dishes are done already...

Hmph. So guess who ends up doing it...

Quiet time- paper or crossword, magasine or novel can be read in peace.

There was not a lot of rain. But the girls have a PC and digital camera  and DSi each, so they are really busy with a variety of things- like filming each other, or internet-ting etc.

Number 2 plans: skateboard/biking. Maybe see GF.

Number 1 recovers from the night out before...  then on to the web.

Sunday- #2 has only a few pairs of sox left- [ooh ah, bwah] and also that there was a large pile of washing to do...
Thanks son. Mmm. He may have to learn how the laundry works.

The girls have also managed to dislodge the doors of their wardrobes, and now have a lean-to 'cave' instead of a wardrobe. Great. At least their imagination is alive and well, despite all their 21st century goodies. And the room is not as shit-full untidy as it used to be. Never-the-less, it remains some-what messy, and Stern Words and 'what would the in-laws think?' sort of make the carpet Magically Reappear within hours. Now if I had to do it, a few minutes! But I really just give up. And only preteens, argh.

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