Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing my boy

Well, I am missing my eldest, a young man out in the world.

A uni student, starting a new chapter.

I am glad he decided to straight into it rather than buggerise around for a year, making real money...

His cousin lives in the same apartment block which is more or less on the uni campus, and last I heard they were heading to the local pub to meet up for a drink...

Would be nice to be starting life at a uni again. I may be more studious this time. And productive rather than the merest requirements fulfilled.

His timetable is low hours I think, with some late starts which may suit a teenager...

There was a hint of him visiting soon.

Funny- it is not actually "coming home" anymore.

Well, within the next few months, I will be letting his brother take over the shed- once his bits and pieces, suoveneirs, games, posters, DVD, books are sorted and stored. And rubbish moved to a skip...

I miss the dishes put away first thing in the morning, the cat fed.

I miss the teen draped over the chair at his pc, with sounds like Led Zep drifing over to me while I am trying to watch the news.

I miss the little drollness doled out to me and his siblings when required.

Miss the cool gang looking for him, and the garden parties and drinking games only beginners have to have.

God, when ever I was thinking of him, I was a little... hmm, wet eyed?

Thinking of what Tarn would have been thinking, so proud of him and worried about him too I guess.

Well, he is on his own more or less I guess. I am here though. Worrying a bit less, and time to concentrate on his sibs more.

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  1. Beautiful Tone, very moving and heart felt! I bet you miss him!

    Too early to be crying! :)

    Love you all very much and this reminds me how time just moves on and if you don't go with it you get left behind..... Wish I had a 'stop' button!

    sending a bear hug