Friday, February 4, 2011

I forgot!

Today the kids went / returned/ were banished/ disappeared-

School restarted for 2011.

And I was going to take a picture of them all together in front of a big bushy plant (to be edioted) like I always do at the start of the year. Well, that thought occurred during the last week, no partickuler dey... and wafted away...

#2 somehow baited me, and first thing in the morning too- that's distracting, as I bit.

And forgot all about a pic of the day.

So come Monday- when they are all dressed up, there will a pic of three.

They all had a good day at school I thin.
Covering/Contacting the new Books- arggh.

#1 will be going over the hill and far away soon, so needs all the rest a older teener needs- I.E. will not be in the pic- oi! Wait- After school, I will gather the munchkins! The is finally a flower or two on the bloody plant mentioned above, so will match the rest of the collection.
Start 2011

BTW A note, I see that Lori is getting plenty of help from friends and fellow bloggers, which is good.
I had the same sort of support when we lost Tarn.
People I did not know ( in the neighborhood) kept piling in food and notes, small gifts.
Lisa around the corner even cooked up mashed vegies for the girls for a few months.
The little containers went back and forward- still have a few in the bottom plastics cupboard, ten years later.
BTW Second note to self- thanks mate! Maybe a separate posting,,,,,,,,,nah

The other week one of the girl's friends from last year made it back from over the border was on a short holiday with her mum and brother- to catch up with all the friends they had left behind. Her dad is in the defense force, so they are at his career's whim- all over the country- until now.

They want to build in Adelaide (lucky her!), and have started it off, as mum wants to settle down Now, just like Tarn did in '97.

Anyway, I was supposed to drop C off to play with H, but it was a sad sight. No other girls had turned up at the park after all that arranging.

I felt compelled to sit down with a almost virtual stranger but also a fellow parent, and talk until some-one else that she knew arrived. I asked if it was ok for E to stay for a while, and so I stayed on too.

The kids all tore off to play around the Fauna Park and caught up with all their kid stuff- who owns what- like mobiles or not, or DSis or not, or digital cameras or not. That list could go on and on.

We had a great old yak for nearly 2 hours! The bbq snags for the arvo snacks were actually not that great, and everyone avoided saying anything about it- a lot was left... And that was funny. Discovered a bit more about each others families and then it was time to go! I had not noticed it at all that the time had gone so quick.

I was sad to say goodbye, as it was such a great time, just two of us, covering heaps of different things- I just hope I was not seen as boring or too gushy- or not sentimental or whatever. And Sunny said it was the first time in a while she had had an adult conversation. I felt better for that.

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