Friday, February 18, 2011

Big week for some...

Well, I found out that I have no responsibilities for #1 son anymore.

According to his new place of learning- apart from maybe some financial and emotional back up when and if required.


And Hmph! BS!

Well, that was from a head of some department there anyway.

I traveled to The Big Smoke to attend a talk for parents of new students at the Halls Of Learning. Another big drive- return only about 450 plus km, or 300 miles. For a 45 minute yak about now and how, that they are new adults, the institution cannot give any info on how the bloke is doing to dear old daggy dad, or the feds will get roight up em for breaking the rules.

But Before All That-
 I had the usual BUSY arvo shift at work, so I was running around like a chicken with its head cropped short. Finished later than i wanted, the had to get a couple of things, and make sure that #2 was okay looking after the twins and that the food was ready to go and that there was too none of this and none of that and that bedtime was ETC ETC ----- So I got away later than I thought. I called in on The NuHoose at BillsBong to catch up with that too- only 5 mins!
And then cos there is a coal mine trying to collapse The Major Freeway To The Big Smoke from the Country, a detour throught the local town cost me another 10 bloody minutes and of course  missed the Introduction!

The joys of the twang of the apron strings. Not.

Anyway, #1 has managed a fair bit by himself this week. As far as I know anyway.
He is on the student allowance, will get rent assistance, and a Moving From The Country to The Big Smoke Bonus. He just has to remember to report what's goin' on...
So I may not have to support him as much as I thought- like getting another job!
He wants to get some part time work there, he took his kichen gear Just In Case. And his bike for prescription delivery possibilities.
he had to organise bedding Manchester etc. I had told him to grab some stuff from home, but nah. Oh well.

The post delivered Unto Him His New Apple Laptop and Printer.
[And a bonus for dear old dad- an iTouch! he has a large capacity iPod. Thanks little bloke! I had fun when I got home getting Angry Birds and an Anemometer App from the AppShop at 1am! And. My account still works- yay!]

When the yak was finished, we met up. I was asked by his Lordship about why/what can he do to link the lappy to the webby- cos the dinosaur PC is the only authorised PC for that account apparently, to get onto the web with the new contract he got-- FINE PRINT MUST READ will be the next sage advice I will give unto him, unless he has got telepathy! So the extra goods delivered last night inluded a hub, but no cable or extra network LAN card- I should have thought of That! Some tuna mornay. Nuff for two meals.

And that's #1.

Number Two Son has a very busy week- a delivery run and two nights at a car dealer's workshop. Almost no time to scratch his bum.

He babysat for me last night- boy was that hard to organise, see above.

And the twins are good, one is on the Junior School Council, and both in the Taiko band, and one doing more cornet in the school band.

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  1. Loved this post Tone! Had a laugh and also a surge of pride at the #2 bit!

    Miss you all
    D x