Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nov 2014

Nov 2014

Lost my father-in-law, a stalwart supporter for the family here for the last fourteen years.

Ken [KD] was a country boy through and through, born in the Mallee, with a stint in The Big Smoke around WW2 then back up north with his mum and older sisters to his dad's family.
Apparently not a great time, but then In-Laws aren't perfect all the time.
KD lost his dad on the Burma Railway during the war. Anyway, after highschool, he met Bev at work, hooked up, produced a family, and one day years later, one of their kids decided I was okay to have sprogs [kids] with...

After we lost Tarn, KD and Bev moved into a room with us [I was not moving the family to a new place anywhere else] to help me with the four kids.
It was decided that I should return to the oilfield and bring home the bacon as there was some paid help for them.The helper became great friends.
My sis-in-law Dee and Pete, had bought a house in town and commuted from LA for our summers when Pete had time off. Dee had a second girl by this time, so Ken and Bev had all their little eggs in the one town.
Until Bev relapsed two years later and on Bev's advice, I left the oilfield mid 2002 and took up full time Dad At Home- DAH.
Ken and Bev moved to a place just up the street, and then  Bev departed this mortal coil, leaving me and Ken with the kids.

By 2004, we were a bit of a sad case overall: my brother's mother-in-law 1999, my pop in 2000, my wife 2000, my mother-in-law 2002, her sister 2002, my granma 2002, then Sav, Dee's eldest girl in 2004.

And time moves on, dragging sad little asses along, trying to get through, and I had Ken to help out. Many a home-brew stout was consumed back in 2001 and 2002. I would get back from a week long hitch and he and I would down a couple of long-necks and a few ciggies [that I had had to go without at work] and getting a hangover effect by dinner time...

We had wide ranging discussions on the world. Plenty of remedies, really.  Well, at the time. Share prices, farming, oilfield, kids. The shed was a retreat.

A while after Bev had passed on, Ken met Brenda, and then married her a while after that. He was happy. Dee had bought a block of land on the edge of town overlooking a billabong, really nice, and built on it.
KD and Brenda planned ship cruises, bought tickets, and then had to cancel twice. Hips and illnesses. KD even got WHOOPING COUGH at the grand old age of --- hmm-- late seventies I believe, it had taken the medical professionals longer than three months to diagnose it, so if he was ill already it did not help.
This last year Brenda looked after the old boy as a previous condition he had on the lungs led to shortness of breath, the last few months was a lot of sitting around for home that he hated. His best friends even came down form the Mallee and The Big Smoke at The Melbourne Cup Weekend, so that was really good for him.

RIP Ken. A friend, not just a father and father in law.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Drama in town

Drama in town

The twins were in a school play the last week, a few days off school and having fun with their peers in a play written out by the English teacher- not much older than my boys!

Their Year Nine reports al la NAPLAN came today, they are above their peers for the year they are in- looks like single dads can have some success. 
Three years to go before they leave school, time is speeding up on me... apron strings- two gone two left.

My boys are struggling on in the big circus of Out Of Home- government and big business are losing my confidence- I hope that the boys have dreams that can be fulfilled without help from them.
It is really weird how the governments are cutting help for the unemployed while big business are having to cut employees. Go Figure.

No one wanted it, wow.

No one wanted it, wow.

This was a pressie from kRudd the other year or two. made after #2Son left a front tooth in the garden in a BMX accident...
The Quarter Pipe of the Year.
Filled the small trailer!
Now been disappeared for the rubbish tip/dump/recycling center-  with help of #1Son! 
Yay- some room in the front yard again, especially with giving a front yard tree a severe trim. More room for the Portable Vineyard Pots!!

I had offered it to a few other parents- might have been a bit too much- no takers. Thank you to the government of the time, kept my kid and his friends off the streets for a few years, just close enough to be noisy and beneath my nose.

Don't yoy like the new yard- the small box bushes are ringing a new path. One day. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Update winter 2014

Update winter 2014

So few entries this year and not that there has been a lack of topics- Oh NO.
But really, time is lacking, and sitting and thinking and remembering and noting it as I go, is time consuming!

The kids have not seen too much of me- because I am trying to do the right thing and Work for a change for real Money. 

Not like the girls from the 80's where they had to have the promise of ten thousand dollars a day before they would go to "work"!

Nah, the smell of the contract's ink drying has some aphrodisiacal meaning to it. Don't it?

The accountant and the bank are happier for me too.

The gels are wanting a new car. They do? "this one!" "no, that one!"

Argh, and getting the money has turned difficult, looks like a cash purchase instead, just to annoy the bank!

Even so, it has to remembered that the gels and me also need or should have, a new tin roof as well.
And a water heater- it is leaking too... Water Water every where but where it should be...

Activities---  A trip to Geelong to see the folks and on to Ballarat to catch up with the brother's crowd recently and a few bottles of Rockford reds- a nice weekend. Dinner with three kids at a nice place, and a trip to Lakes Entrance. Sea gulls... A birthday night out with the gels before last work trip. 

Upset some people recently- is that old age? A couple of things forgotten and it turns out- rough. But it was important- and I never gave it a thought at the time, just proceeded like I thought everyone knew what was going on. No they did not. Hmm. Never done it before, probably will not do that again. Cutting things fine? Too much on the plate? Not enough socialising or just being left out of that loop? Seems like the last, but is that just paranoia? Whatever, not funny dude. Hilarious long after? I certainly hope so. Will have to be more organised, and wanted/needed? Would be easy for some- the show offs. And then not remembering opening a package and listing the contents? Cannot recall the day or date, but I did read the manual. Hmm, interesting- of course the packaging was 100%. Wasn't it? Hmph. Movin' on baby.

Time to catch up on people too, those pretty close are at phone and email distance at the moment- which is weird- world closing in and getting smaller- although when on a rig in the desert- that's life anyway. Maybe I am recreating it at home- never leaving- just shopping and reading and cleaning etc etc. 

On to life and it's pleasures, of which there has been some- The boys seem to be coping. Good to hear that they have little jobs- but cannot hear the ambition through the coping. The gels are doing well, teacher's luv em, reports are okay, cannot see mensa kids but they are certainly Daddy's little girls!

Had some more deep thoughts about life and coping, but not occurring to me now- maybe I can add them to this page later. The MS by the way is being kept at bay, but my right leg seems wonky and weak at times- maybe a severe lack of working out and other crap like that. I do know that at some time I will have to pay for a personal trainer to get me motivated and fit again- going alone to the gym years ago did no good at all. 

bugger, ran out of time....

The parcel and lack of remembering- the missing parts weer there all the time, just not obvious, what a bummer for the dude searching- under his nose, and he has a rather large English proboscis too.

Monday, March 17, 2014

blah de blarney de blarney

Ah dear, been d'ere- blah de blarney de blarney

As St.Pat's day has been in my face for a week, finally something to write about.
You know- "look, St Patrick's Day Special..." and here, "St Paddy's Day Sale.

Yeah well, green beer is not my idea of celebrating a myth, nor is green Guinness for that matter.

And adding another "special" consumeristic day of email spams trying to get me to buy another laptop and software besides the birthday card also needed and forgotten [Sorry J'nine- Happy Birthday!] just upsets me and the bank manager. Argh, getting grumpy.

Besides that.

Just over twenty years ago, Tarn and I had a week to go travel the Emerald Isle, seeing places we had heard about all our lives.

My Aberdeen boss, where we were living, said "Yep. A week. No- less. Bye."

As usual, never letting a chance go by, our anniversary close or past [?] we took it and left from Glasgow Airport to Dublin, picked up a hire car and left for the north where Tarn's aunt Dot used to live, Carlingford.
From Wikipedia- Carlingford

Now one of the first things you notice, when you travel there as an Aussie, is how much Ireland is Like Oz, as in western Victoria anyway- GREEN soft rolling hills and vales. Cypress and pine tree lined fields, horses, sheep, cosy cottages, and all that stuff.
from bbc

Lots and lots of stone walls instead of mainly the posts and rails or posts and wire usually filling the landscapes at home. On the other hand- I could see a whole lot of WORK put in too!!

Next is the people- nice and not too hard to understand- unlike the Scots- at brekky time...

And mad too- in spring, the end of the footy season, a finals game celebration [how did we not notice how hard it was to get a B&B place in Galway that night?] there were some people, standing up bare chested through their little car's sunroofs drunk and yelling and whooping... [car sunroofs in Europe.... really a selling point?]

Tarn enjoyed the trip- as unplanned and chaotic as it was- "where can we go today?" or "hell, it's getting dark, better find a place to stay!"

We spent just a few days, but did a wonderful Cook's Tour, including the west and southwest and south east coasts- like in - poked our noses out the car window and breathed the Atlantic in, or avoided dropping of the Moher Cliffs, missed the Waterford Shops getting to Dublin Airport-["dang... should have got here earlier"]. Even saw a place called Ford on the map- but could not find it, maybe they up and went to the US a while ago...[just did a quick search with google earth- lots of towns ENDING in 'ford]. Cork was a nice place to stay too- a real Georgian house.

Now the whole point of this particular little write up is that I just read about the Blarney Stone. Being a geo on travel, it was an interesting place to go. The rock looked like the rest of the remains there- I could see nothing special. And I was not going to pay someone to kiss a rock either, upside down or not!!! And there was a DROP that the helper was going to stop you from falling through. Yeaahhhh right. Nup.

But Tarn was easily persuaded, and managed to score some Cookie Jar points off me!

So if you want to know, it really aint special as a rock goes.

But if you like a little adrenaline rush, then the Blarney Stone kissing game is for you.