Thursday, September 4, 2014

No one wanted it, wow.

No one wanted it, wow.

This was a pressie from kRudd the other year or two. made after #2Son left a front tooth in the garden in a BMX accident...
The Quarter Pipe of the Year.
Filled the small trailer!
Now been disappeared for the rubbish tip/dump/recycling center-  with help of #1Son! 
Yay- some room in the front yard again, especially with giving a front yard tree a severe trim. More room for the Portable Vineyard Pots!!

I had offered it to a few other parents- might have been a bit too much- no takers. Thank you to the government of the time, kept my kid and his friends off the streets for a few years, just close enough to be noisy and beneath my nose.

Don't yoy like the new yard- the small box bushes are ringing a new path. One day. 

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