Friday, September 30, 2011

new Vines not making it

Failed, the new Vines not making it.

No swelling buds- last opportunity?
Are the transplanted vines are mostly either dead or severly in hibernation?
A spur cut shows some green matter, but the buds are dry, or eaten?

A fail. Hate that. A friend gives me some freebies, and I have let most die off.. Apart from three, or two at least.
Bad management?
Too optimistic that nature can do it all?
Pruning too harsh?


The rest of the Portable Vineyard

Currently the rest of the vines are doing so well, leafing up and the flowers are starting to emerge, and I will have to spray those with some honey and sugar solution to encourage the bees away from the other flowers in the garden.

Pruning Options

January 2011
After seeing youtube videos re vineyard and backyard vines, canopy and pruning management.

I may have  to change pruning- have just two good spurs or one cane and a spur

Winter 2011
Done it- severe prune

Spring 2011
Pinot successful! Yay me.
Shiraz- pots and in ground have also survived the severe prune management technique.

My way or the..

Trying to adjust to bad  and good news

The neurologist gave me the news, not good, not altogether bad.

MS, mild case of.


Still walking talking spilling beans etc etc

If left eye tells me a thing is red, and the right says, Nah Mate, its greyish and a bit more pinky brown red than red, what is going on.

Three years ago, my eye doc said take a few tests.
And nothing was seen to be wrong with my eye sight.

The year before I remember tryinhg to explain to an uncle and some others this strange thing- nada- blank looks from them all.

But is was there.

Since then I have been wondering about how left and right eye tell me different things in this case.

Finally, after the MS diagnosis- and further free ranging thought, I think this is the explanation:

A signal [red colours] may indeed go to the particular and separate processing places in the brain for each eye, but it must also be shared or leaked between them so a comparison can be made and evaluated as to the validity of the signals captured by the retinas. The overall grayness too can be more apparent at time, especially trying to read.

And then once codified or validated, then passed onto the Mind for further assessment- Red Corvette or Burgandy Corvette?
A test is a Ferrari- no greyish burgandy-ish red Ferraris: so the right eye signals are off by nearly that much.

I once used rock colour chart books in my old mudlogging job in oil and gas exploration, and wished I still had one, and then I could tell you what I mean by a simple alphanumeric code what left and right eyes see.

But now, I see that the website chart available can not go to that finer gradation, that shade tone tint that is the difference I can see. Bugger. Well, today anyway.

Don't know if it is real yet

I am yet to tell if MS is a real thing to me as yet

As previously told, a few interviews, xrays, eye-brain test and MRI scan are what I have had the last few months for the neurologist to suggest I have MS.

I have not delved too deep into the www to see what is going to happen, but I think the progression in my opinion so far is that I better keep saving for some weddings in a few years.

My awful sense of humour- refusing to face reality while it kicks me in the head- will keep me chugging along.

This blog is my stories of family related incidents, events, happenings, you know, anything I can have some fun with. The other blogs are exactly what they are too, refusing to face reality on its terms and making the world do the right thing on my terms. Should I start another dealing with this MS reality?

The gels and boyz know that I have been told what I may have, and gel#1a looked it up, and sort of understands.

The weird thing is that my eldest boy used to do the MS-Readerthon nearly every year- a horrific thought to participating sponsors as the little bugger loved to read...

I aint stumbling about nor driving into traffic, but now I understand that spilt milk is not just clumsiness anymore. Or that is a way to look at it. Covers up or explains a fair bit the last few years- aint grief anymore either?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

is No Pain for me as yet

There is No Pain, tingly though
That is the first thing, but the gels looked worried! 
Follow up a few months later below.

What the? 
A month ago or so, driving the van around town on the job, I felt tingling feelings from about above my left butt cheek and down my leg. I thought nothing much, but it kept recurring at odd times. Left side? And a numb feeling in the pad of the fourth finger, left hand... Sciatica? A large [but worthless?] wallet had been moved from rear to front pocket, and solved that problem years ago, but this?

The next chiropractic session, I mentioned it, "When I bow my head, it sends the sensation like pins and needles down the leg. Well?" Massage, move this and that. No change. Feeling still there. Hmm, weird.

One night at home, I grab the three legged massager the kids got me for Father's Day the other year. Father's Day? A present anyway, and leaned back against Bev's old armchair pressing the massager against my neck. Felt okay, funny sensation was not there, so... Nah, still there next day sometimes.

Finding out 
I called a surgery and made out I wanted to see a doctor because of the tingles down the left side. The previous year I had got a nurse to check for diabetes as my mum has that now, but " No, You Don't Have It". Oh good. A little prick and loss of a drop of blood never hurt anyone, but, that INSTANT little PAIN of the prick, AND GONE like that plus the NO answer was all gratifying in a way.

A few years before, prior to a knee operation, I had a heart examination. Sticking-plaster with wires all over my nearly hairless chest revealed- HEALTHY. And I smoked a bit back then too, and prior to that had been drinking more than the "recommended amount", purely because of the Alcoholery's cheap prices, and a presumed "needed stress relief". Before the knee job a few more years ago, a couple of invasive inspections of the top and the bottom parts of my innards revealed a little too much relief was being had, and a blood test agreed, so The Alcoholery's favourite customer has been a poor one ever since...

Anyway. The doctor was intrigued, and ordered x-rays, so was happy to comply, as work was a hour away. She was sure I was not getting MS. Thirty thousand x-rays later and late for work.... No. A neck x-ray means a few shots from different angles. Quite a few. Maybe 20? Anyhow, had to wait a few days, and the surgery called back about coming in for another consult. "Minor central canal stenosis at C5/6". Ahh. What? "Maybe some minor surgery." WTF?

Well, a boney[?] protrusion onto the spinal cord? Just great. But it might explain by a roundabout way why I see reds and oranges duller through a sort of greyish filter with my right eye compared to my left eye, and also the staccato digital like static sounds over the tinnitus in the left ear when it's weally weally quiet... Doubt it. Think about that, I KNOW colours are DIFFERENT and DULLER.

So now trying to organise a neurologist appointment in the Big Smoke.

In the mean time, explained again to the Chiropractor, and the gels were listening i, again, and looked worried as we looked at th ex-rays via th internet (WOW.

A Specialist
Alright then.

Oh, WHAT! Call, and find out The Specialist has been in Queensland and the receptionists at that office did not even bother to get back in touch with the senders about THAT! IF they got the fax that is.  WTF? Hang on, no, they did not even receive it? Bull dust. I watched it sent off.

MRI mid august and two Oesteopathic sessions and a few chiro sessions as well.

The manipulators may have modified the pain that comes and goes.

The MRI was exciting as.... a noisy nap...

Then a special trip needing a day off work to go The Big Smoke as reported elsewhere- a 20 minute eye-brain function test. A two hour trrip down for an expected all day test. Bloody hell.
However- as planned if that was so, I had a cunning plan B, leave early enough, and I could have some sailing in at Sandy Point! And did get one good reach in. And the wind died again. ARGH. Go home. Six hours on the road, one test for twenty minutes and a sail for 5 minutes...

September follow up
This time, I got the last appointment slot, about 6PM!
Dr Dominic sat me down, and said more or less:
"I have some bad news and some good news."
Ah, so?
After a few minutes going through the MRI scans on the CD the scanners gave me to give to him... The were was some little patches in the grey matter of the noodle!
This was an example of a "mild case of multiple sclerosis" apparently.
"Ah, so that was the bad news? That's all?"

So the slight worry I had allowed myself driving down was alleviated by the fact that there was something not right, but not deadly. The "attacks" I had been having, as come up in the diagnosis, were probably all related to the few dang little pea sized inflamed parts of the brain!

Maybe all explained- the clumsiness and all that sugar spilled next to the coffee cups over the years, the different red colours between the left and right eyes I can actually discern, and the tingly neck and legs [which have disappeared at the moment] are all due to a mild case of MS

So far.

And if I take up a course of medicine- self inflicted needle jabbing in the beer pot skin- I should be able to contain any further inflammation/attacks to a minimum.

But I still have to see the GP, and probably go to a MS clinic up at the Big Smoke. What all this means down the track will more apparent, as far as inhibiting job prospects or working in the patch again, probably no affect. Fingers crossed and not twitching...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

lost my newbies

Sad, but true, lack of immediate care...
As of 25 September 11.

When harry offered me some more vines, I sort of jumped at the chance, some mature vines, Yeah!

But the thing was where were the things to go?

There is no real room for the things in the garden. More pots had to be got.

However, budget wise, good pots as explained before, are a little bit too costly to just charge to the old CC!

In this case, hanging off and just leaving the newly bare rooted vines in the open was a bad thing. The time between the uprooting and the potting was about two to four weeks, my recall now is somewhat a bit hazy- WOTEVAH- it was too long. The potting was done with fresh sandy river soil, potting mixture and a bunch of fertiliser.

To no avail.

The expected bud swelling, so eagerly anticipated did not eventuate, inevitably a lost cause overall.

There appear to be only two active budding, and nearly leafing, survivors of the mildly chilly winter, some shiraz.

Which is nice. Other wise there would be just two chardonnay, and the last time I tried to grow those- nada.

The rest of the newbies, 12 shiraz and 14 chardonnay, are either hibernating for another year or...

Or kindling...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

sad and glad

Weird- an old draft, unposted

But- so relevant in any case.
This is what I meant to say a while ago... and as usual, there is always something I don't get around to doing.
Like yesterday, it was one of the my nephew's 18th birthday, which is big over here, as you can actually go up to a bar and "where's me beer mate?", and I was waiting to call, and FORGOT until 10pm, which ios a bit late.
Sorry Jord, and Maz, and lil bro...

So from last years brave attempt at... welcome mat rollout to my Sis-Inlaw and partner and kidlet Dmpsi.
They have just had a hoose built, out at the edge of town, so drinkies may be a bit smaller than in the past when there was sometimes advanced imbibations and only had a five minute walk home...
From last year- and also this year, git beck ere...

sad and glad
Tarnia's little sister is coming to see us all soon, the girls cannot wait to see their aunt, cousin and uncle, back from the States. The boys. Probably. Me- wine beer company good fun.
I don't know whether it's coming home to see us all, or a family vacation?
Making sure we are well; growing? Aunty sounds excited,
To be with us. For Christmas time.
Home is where the heart is...
Fish and Chips out in the back yard with a few beers or wines.
There are  a few six packs and bottles waiting.
Glorious spring weather, better be- rain on the way?  :-(

Friday, September 23, 2011

pinot leafing up

After all the heavy pruning, they are all doing well.

The year-olds, four survivors, are also okay.

The nursery cuttings, doing so well, I may have to separate them all!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tarn's Garden Grows

As the time goes by
But Her Garden Plan does Modify

Yep. Sad to hear, but what She Wanted is not set in concrete. yet
As far as a garden replacement goes, though, I do dream...

Tarn's idea of an ideal home for us and our kids was a Classic Victorian Style.

That she found.
And my offshore superintendent allowed me to return back to shore for a Lunchtime Hoose Inspection.
That's co-operation for you! And was Tarn pleases and surprised about that.
No more than me...
Must be my...?
I said Yeah, it has a cellar, garage, shed etc, why not? The bank took three weeks and said yeah, why not?

She was Pleased...

High ceilings [for the spiders to hide? Tarn hated spiders!]
Bullnose Veranda. [more hidey holes]
A Garden. [tons of hidey holes]   [btw- guess who was the designated garner...]
Dishwasher. Anyway, a spot for...

The last item was never considered in original CVS hooses.
But her idea here was to put one on the veranda.
NO way I said. Preposterous!
I was just thinking of the new garden that would have to be prepared after the plumbers had to remove the nice pleasant one ensconced at the time. Too much... But then, may have renewed the waste water pipes...

My idea of a home was ... a shelter? No lawns...

Anyway, on top of yesterdays horribiluus-ness [weather, date].

I went to smell the flowers- NO- the sight of our garden blooming away, all by itself, caught my attention.
And thus was late for work while I took a couple of garden snaps to remind me what Tarn had found for us.

I have taken out a lot of plants that were not coping with the minimal care required but not given, and drought conditions did not help some of the plants. I added a mandarin tree, and some lavender & azaleas, and transplanted the white roses she had in large pots- the wind ruined one pot...
I missed the semicircular display this year by a week, bugger. Some larger unruly shrubbery has also been sent to Coventry too, I mean the bonfire. Too old and raggedy. The side hedge may end up that way too if it fails to spruce up by xmas.

Me and #2 might put in a little veranda/sunshade area out back by then too, some where out of sight- like the round the house veranda is a bit exposed to the hoi polloi...

And I thought I better add these two, with their mates at Ballarat.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just another..Day

Another Anniversary
Thank you to those that have acknowledged it.

I won't be taking the kids out to the plot today. So far.

It's cold and wet, I have a cold, and too much a reminder of the funeral day

The last time, the gels were upset, not sure how they got that way, maybe my vibes were bad and catchy.

I think the feelings get harder to bear each passing year- but it's only a day. Or Week. And it passes.

Tarn would be pretty chuffed to see where we are at present. Not up our selves or struggling too badly.

The eldest child all adult like and pursuing a life much like we had ourselves so many years ago, that was such a great time. It is weird not having him as the rock around the house- a sure thing as a sounding stone, let's hope he does well this first year away.

The second child is also becoming such a new responsible young adult too, a couple of after school jobs, a smart beautiful girlfriend, and he is actually liking some school subjects. His aim at this time is to work to live- GF, skate, bike, iphone... Doing some work experience at a cafe this week...

And the gels are so close to becoming young women, it is scary. A very social pair, they are the best-est ever friends. But they are not getting phone or FB until later on next year if I can help it, the telephone and Facetime are getting enough of a workout at this time.

I retreat more and more to books, the net and telly, but also wanting to take off with them somewhere. Plans of mice and men. Obligations. Needs and wants. Have to things and Cannots.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Da Flu, got it

First time for ages.

Just because I went on a bus trip with a load of kids and one teacher with a cold or with flu like symptoms does not mean I wanted it too.

Life is like that- I got it goodly. First time for a few years I think.

There was a little tickle last week, but by Friday- BOOM...

I thought that men don't always exaggerate what ever they get. I think I have. Or not, but I am writing it up...

Like, there was a comment on my comment on The Condition I made the other day on FB- almost a "suck it up man"....

Thanks lady...  :-)

No reply needed, maybe I should have deleted it, but then I thought- I gotta leave it, what else can I really complain about anyway?

Well--- anniversary week?


But I went through half a pack of tablets yesterday! And ached all over when I hit the sack early this morning, waiting up for #2. Dozing on the couch did not help, waiting. BTW, he wanted to borrow my Dior suit for the 18th party he was going to. After work. I do not think he has much more time to wear that suit- little beanpole is still growing, bugger it! Ah well, it is over twenty years old and bought for my brother's wedding for six hundred bucks back then, and refitted to moir... And still looks good- specially on him. The waist is a little tight on me and the buttons on the jacket are in the wrong place...

Today-- 3 tablets, so must be getting better.

Just have a Water Mains inside my head.
If there are any visitors face to face or a phone-call, it is SYNCHED to flood, an OPEN SESAME signal.

A dribble starts down the nasal passage with no action on my part, going down to my nostril, ready to do a Niagra Falls act over my lip and I have to race away to grab ANOTHER face wipe or snot rag or tissue, cos the little bundle in the top pocket is SHREDDED and WET and lazy me had left it there rather than get up from my Kindle and dispose of it.

Cooking dinner was a nightmare, cook, then use snot rag, then wash hands, back cooking and prep, etc etc.



Today, back to the dole office for the scheduled work assessment, with the flu and the anniversary, and find out that I am not worth a cracker at self employment, my assessable income versus work-time in Does Not Compute, meaning have to Look For Even More Work and buying the van was a complete waste of time and money cos there are too many in town anyway trying delivery work. Marvined. A Job Planning Interview next week- with the same people that gave me a supermarket shelf filling job back in 2000, for joy. A Muttley situation. A qualified geologist with heaps of experience, three kids at home to look after practically full time there itself, and the flu. And full of self pity. There is no professional jobs in my line of work around here to let me cope with the kids as I do not want to pass them off to anyone else while I have to work for them. If you know what I mean. Please pass the arsenic. Or the super strength Bundy. With Diet cola. Please.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Latest batch
8 kilograms sugar and a super yeast:
5 litres plus of liqor...

mm Bundy........mmmmmm

Resulted in aboot 4 liters of overproof, wound it back to about 9 liters of spirit, added a dash of coppersulphate and un-iodised salt and started the carbon filtering. Smells sweet still.
The tails- for some reason at 1am- SHIT the still- I went out and the process had just stopped at about 1 litre? Och, went to bed.

Next day. Next stage, process the tails from the last two distillings, about 5 liters I suppose at 36% and added 9 bottles of 01 pinot that was a little off. Again, forgot to get of bum [here] and check... whoops, too much header with crap, back in the vat! And watched it this time and took the volatiles away. At half a vat, should not take too long to get a brandy style.

After the the above has been filtered and redistilled with a batch from last time- should be able to make up a few liters of Limonella with a taste of Mandarine I think! Just in time for Xmas gifts! And Bundy too!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Final junior school camp

The last time camping?
Bus trips...

While the two boys were at primary school, there were at least three opportunities to help out as a parent by staying overnight or two, to help supervise the attendees with the teachers.

The first overnight school camp was at school, junior middle school, either in a class room or the hall, and I have been told, Fun.

The second camp in senior middle junior school was at a adventure park cum farm out in the country, with a lake and flying foxes, things like that. late nights and all that, with the fear that one step out of line, Parents Would Be Called To Collect the Miscreants.

I did not make it to their camps or the gels camp those years. I had the gels to care for, and did not delegate that.

The next school trip was to either the nation's Capital City or to a Gold Ming town Or Two. Alternate years.
I missed the Canberra trips, all three. And the the two earlier Gold Tips.

This year, I was persuaded to attend as a supervising parent too... At this point I should say I disagree with the age mix, the camp being for the two senior grades. But it all turned out well this year... Again. I left #2 child at home- he was turning a magical age where upon he should be old enough to fend for himself for two nights or stay at his grandfathers place

And so it was time for me to go on the gels last camp in primary school.

We left town at 7am in two coaches, and got to the first destination after the pre-requisite many toilet stops... at about midday- a 371km trip. Not bad and on schedule.

Lunch was eaten, and we descended into a gold mine, 61meters deep, one of many levels. The Central Deborah Mine itself is 401 meters deep. Going through some drives we discovered what it was like to carve out the gold bearing quartz with drills (LOUD), see some other working machinery and saw where the miners had meals- the crib rooms. One room was big enough that parties and weddings have been held there! A good place for an 18th where there would be no complaints from the neighbors! The bedrock in the Bendigo area is supposed to be six times harder than concrete! From these types of mines- some up to a thousand or more meters deep, 700 tonnes of gold was retrieved since 1851. At 1800US$ an ounce, 100 oz to 3kg, that's a lot of  money... say about $300,000,000,000 now...  The quartz reefs stretch over an area 20 km north south and 13 km east west, and presently one new decline descends 10km so that super size trucks can take the rock out.

After that there was a talking tram tour of the main streets. For the kids that was a bit boring. Being a place I had studied and later lived, it was strange to see a place that #2 was born, without Tarn being there. The first electric trams started 1903.

After that we headed off to Sovereign Hill where we would be staying for two nights, another hour-plus on the buses, about 120km.

Army-like, the kids were drilled that no misbehavior would be tolerated, and everybody left for their rooms. A cheap but filling roast beef dinner was served up afterwards, I do not think there was much left on the plates!

The kids all settled down well in my area of supervision, and the two adults I shared a room with settled in to watch a Craig Ferguson (a repeat due to the US open- which Australian Sam Stouser won! see this). Of course, of my new friends, one snored. A little...

Breakfast the next day was at 8:30am! Great, a slight sleep-in, and after brekky it was off to explore Ballarat's famous Sovereign Hill, a recreation of the gold rush days of 1851 to 1861. A key-carded door let us in at precisely 10am, not before. My designated group of ten preteeners wanted to lit off for some exploring, eight girls and two boys, and the first port of call they wanted to descend on was the Lolly Shop or Candy Store,- Oh NO they were not- we had an itinerary, so we followed it!

We explored another shallow mine a self guided tour with a voice over trying to show how hard life was back in gold rush times, 1851. The tunnels were different from Central Deborah because here, the miners dug down through or in from the edge of basalt that had filled ancient valleys and covered gold bearing gravels and sands in the creeks. The danger then was water rushing in from old deep leads and drowning the miners. On the surface, the gold was easily panned from the creek, and after the mine tour, that is what we tried our hand at- gold-panning! Later they all tried the diggers style of Ten pin Bowling, probably imported from the States? Then there was a lecture on living back then, and some dress ups.

Between the lolly  hunting and gold panning there was a few other things to do. like watching a 100troy ounce bar of gold being poured...

The establishment has a modified creek running through it, and each week, they toss in some gold dust and let the public try to pan it out- about $1000 dollars worth- and collectively we, the school, would have found about a tenth of a teaspoon worth... It was not hard to see the specks once you found it, but some kids just did not get it, the panning technique, and ran back to the "store" and bought little glass tubes with some gold in it. Then they knew what to look for...

That night there was a Sound and Light Show: Blood Under the Southern Cross It was a story [?] of  the first insurrection in Oz over paying monthly gold panning fees to corrupt officials of the colony at the time- diggers versus the police and British Army troops. I think the kids enjoyed it, a special night out. And it was cool, but surprisingly, NOT RAINING!! Later, the kids were in their beds and quickly out of it.

Next day was home via a science museum in the Big Smoke, and it was not that exciting to me- interesting I suppose, and a lecture for 10 year olds- not a Planetarium show, we missed out.

The trip back was 330km, or 4 hrs worth, and we were home in time for dinner with the 16 year old.

Who had to go out to a job... I am a bit sad about that. The first time we have not sat down for a birthday  cake at home in 19 years- so I will have to make up for it this weekend.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

happy. or not

What a Question... 

Wha! Me?
What about you?

listing ?  [...over...]

Not smokin, a hiatus...?
cut down the drinkin,  well...,  example I spose
no womin...woman.
which means/leaves more time for...?

got simplest job in the world, and can occasionally still stuff that up! today in fact
A Muttley situation, twice this week, geez...

complain complain complain

all my special interest and unread magasines
building a small skyscraper on the coffee table
car needs a good service
healthy as I can be
without too much undue exercise
kids as healthy as can be too
so that is excellent
whinge and whine

wanna have a GOOD BLAST down at sandy... last one so disappointing
have all I need without missing out on much
as much tv as I need
internet on tap, wilipedia and g.maps- the world at my finger tips- just ask me, show me!

need more job hours as the kids "need" more
cannot see that happening the way economy and job rates are around Oz

job is not getting me more contacts-
so there is some misleading advice, thanks whoever that was
not advertising, maybe a problem there, but the Net does not help around here, well a FB placement didn't

really, what have I to complain about?
some would say Nada, Zilch, sweet FA!
happiness level, dunno

on the other hand.

model sailing boat needs a good workout, spring is here!
the new house is 99.9999% ready for occupation, on me and ken's sayso

next week- a trip with the gels
their last camp at primary school
did not get to do it with the boys cos of the gels, so better do it properly
so the mags will get a read through on the bus! zo egzalen!

things may get a bit smoother,
no matter the number of ubiquitous annoying little tweeners on the trip!

not chasing it,
just expecting it
indubitably. unexpectedly.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Early Spring Progress

Leafing and budding
Not so good for the adoptees

garage grape vine- gateway arch- budding

The bud burst on the Pinot Noir portavines are well advanced this week, very pleasing.

The cuttings from last year, 'class of 2010', two good and two not so- yet, out of about ten, and five were potted.

The 2011 cuttings are swelling, fingers crossed, a leaf on one!


Shiraz portavines- progressing well.

Class of 2010 cuttings survivors is not to bad, three maybe five are swelling up, the rest- nil...

The 2011 shiraz cuttings: one example

Lessons Learnt
The idea of putting the cuttings in the established vine pots is not such a good one after all, the propagation effort seems to be a bit dismal for the time and effort. Will stick with the mass planting in a pot or tray as pictured above.

Once there is an established growth spurt, will probably transfer to separate pots over the summer months.


It really is a shame that I put off planting the new vines I adopted from Harry. leaving them bare rooted for too long may have been very detrimental to the potential survival, as only a couple of the Shiraz plants seem to have any swelling buds, and the chardonnay plants- None. So far...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Reintroduce Family Custom

The Old Sunday Ritual
Sock Sorting

Saturday is alright for washing, eh?
And trying to be organised- the "Do As I Say Not Do What I Do" class.

This particular weegen, for some 'weird' reason, a realisation.

Arising from the dead slumber of a sleep-in,
getting out of the system the usual Satdee morning ritual of
"dirty clothes! dirty clothes!"
at the TV zombies and at the
teen that had had a late night, and
before a cold coffee
[filled but forgot to Boil the kettle before sitting down for brekky After Hanging Out some washing], and
while hanging out the washing...

I realised I may have overlooked a key element in the accruing of millstones around my neck...


Three kids and me, say, a pair of socks each per day- 28 pairs- say nearly 60 actual socks? Okay 56... 5x3=30 white school socks, plus me and weegen stuff... should be less than 56!

As the socks came out of the laundry basket to be hung up, I realised that there was MORE than usual...
So I started counting- [shut UP Muttley] and got to about 50 with still more to come out of the Magical Basket....And more smalls than you can poke a long long pole at!
And this was just the first load, the whites...


What have I done?

Time to delegate? Why should I spend time sorting whites, coloureds and goth* clothing out, but really? Can't they do it all now? And then watch out that it doesn't rain on the dang drying clothes as well.
although does seem to actually make sense to have the Internet and the Rain Radar. Worthwhile? Oh yeah!

Thinking- a friend of the kids stayed over, so there was a quick bedroom clean up before the spare mattresses were laid out, and the lounge had a few socks in the armchair creases [Muttley, Shut Up]. And under them too...?

So then I was thinking too, if there are all these socks, should they be tested before washing that the things were actually worn? A [uhg] smell test... I just throw things in the machine if they are are in the laundry hamper... And today there was stuff about to be rewashed that were definitely not seen in the fashion parade this week that were done last weegen...

Which was followed by the [groan] idea that when the dry stuff comes off the drying line and back into the house, there should be a ritual- Sock Pairing, like we used to do after dinner on a Sunday night many years ago. I am not sure why or how I let it go, but necessity and inventiveness and better things to to do are inevitably and indubitably overcome by laziness and laizes affaire*, I guess.

So. More discipline on the parents hands... on the other hand, less screaming? On a Satdee morning? Nah, that shows we are communicating, does it not?

Sunday night for sorting sox.
And putting Away, sox.

Goth- All the black clothes, but not Gothic style.
Sox- many pairs of socks, like in a Murder of Crows, a Mob of Cattle, you know?
* no idea right context

hard rubbish

Out it goes
Unclogging the yard

Every year, local government offers to take away hard rubbish that has been gathering. Stuff like old TVs, kettles, chairs, you know? Nearly anything too big for the wheelie bin!

I just do not have the patience or front for garage or yard sale. There you go. Maybe a few grand to replace, but any old junk just, to me now, has to go on the street.

The previous collection managed to clear some stuff up, like a huge old tent that was on its last legs, sorry dad, but it was finally given away, or crumbling away? I did not keep track of the steel poles, but I imagine it was gone quick!

The renovations of the spouting around the veranda a year ago or so left a lot of crap around, and which missed that last collection for the dead spouting somehow- or forgotten? Clogging up the yard. It could have been taken it to the local dump, for a fee... And no trailer at the time did not help.

But! It is all out on the street this week, earlier than required, sure, as... as it is old iron, and maybe someone could take it for recycling? A fine example of hard rubbish anyway. and the yard is unclogging slowly but surely.

Along with that stuff, there is also an old garden table or two, lots and lots of old bike stuff and wheels, gear that Son#2 has... left? For me to clean up...

The basketball pole assembly was a complete waste of time, some teens ruined the counter-weight, and it was used at the most just a few times and had fallen on the hoop a few times and thatt had broken off too. It was put out, and--- was MIA by brekky time!

All the old cookware, electricals, radios, teapots, anything I cannot keep any longer, mismatched twenty year old cutlery. A year old but rusty microwave. My first TV. Three LCD monitors- Dead ones. PC peripherals- obsolete. A coffee drip machine, waffle maker. The list is long. I mean, twenty year old stuff! Out it goes! A 35 year old radio that had stuttered to a hiss and wheeze, Tarn's.

I look in the shed, and oh dear, there might be some junk in there I have been keeping for too many years, like as in Just In Case, you know? Old bolts, hinges, jars of screws and nails, nearly junk, boxes, luggage, but not... The "timber" collection may end up in a bonfire.

The BBQ is looking haggard, to be nice, and is on notice... Anything else?

Maybe an old trampoline frame, a forty year old swing set... but still thinking on those- steel tubulars...

So someone's junk and trash is definitely someone-else's treasure.

The veranda is starting to look better, as well as the yard. Maybe this time next year, there will be only a graveled block left. I mean, I may even get rid of the lawn and garden, just pure minimalist upkeep!

Just me and a tent...