Friday, September 2, 2011

Reintroduce Family Custom

The Old Sunday Ritual
Sock Sorting

Saturday is alright for washing, eh?
And trying to be organised- the "Do As I Say Not Do What I Do" class.

This particular weegen, for some 'weird' reason, a realisation.

Arising from the dead slumber of a sleep-in,
getting out of the system the usual Satdee morning ritual of
"dirty clothes! dirty clothes!"
at the TV zombies and at the
teen that had had a late night, and
before a cold coffee
[filled but forgot to Boil the kettle before sitting down for brekky After Hanging Out some washing], and
while hanging out the washing...

I realised I may have overlooked a key element in the accruing of millstones around my neck...


Three kids and me, say, a pair of socks each per day- 28 pairs- say nearly 60 actual socks? Okay 56... 5x3=30 white school socks, plus me and weegen stuff... should be less than 56!

As the socks came out of the laundry basket to be hung up, I realised that there was MORE than usual...
So I started counting- [shut UP Muttley] and got to about 50 with still more to come out of the Magical Basket....And more smalls than you can poke a long long pole at!
And this was just the first load, the whites...


What have I done?

Time to delegate? Why should I spend time sorting whites, coloureds and goth* clothing out, but really? Can't they do it all now? And then watch out that it doesn't rain on the dang drying clothes as well.
although does seem to actually make sense to have the Internet and the Rain Radar. Worthwhile? Oh yeah!

Thinking- a friend of the kids stayed over, so there was a quick bedroom clean up before the spare mattresses were laid out, and the lounge had a few socks in the armchair creases [Muttley, Shut Up]. And under them too...?

So then I was thinking too, if there are all these socks, should they be tested before washing that the things were actually worn? A [uhg] smell test... I just throw things in the machine if they are are in the laundry hamper... And today there was stuff about to be rewashed that were definitely not seen in the fashion parade this week that were done last weegen...

Which was followed by the [groan] idea that when the dry stuff comes off the drying line and back into the house, there should be a ritual- Sock Pairing, like we used to do after dinner on a Sunday night many years ago. I am not sure why or how I let it go, but necessity and inventiveness and better things to to do are inevitably and indubitably overcome by laziness and laizes affaire*, I guess.

So. More discipline on the parents hands... on the other hand, less screaming? On a Satdee morning? Nah, that shows we are communicating, does it not?

Sunday night for sorting sox.
And putting Away, sox.

Goth- All the black clothes, but not Gothic style.
Sox- many pairs of socks, like in a Murder of Crows, a Mob of Cattle, you know?
* no idea right context

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