Monday, September 19, 2011

Just another..Day

Another Anniversary
Thank you to those that have acknowledged it.

I won't be taking the kids out to the plot today. So far.

It's cold and wet, I have a cold, and too much a reminder of the funeral day

The last time, the gels were upset, not sure how they got that way, maybe my vibes were bad and catchy.

I think the feelings get harder to bear each passing year- but it's only a day. Or Week. And it passes.

Tarn would be pretty chuffed to see where we are at present. Not up our selves or struggling too badly.

The eldest child all adult like and pursuing a life much like we had ourselves so many years ago, that was such a great time. It is weird not having him as the rock around the house- a sure thing as a sounding stone, let's hope he does well this first year away.

The second child is also becoming such a new responsible young adult too, a couple of after school jobs, a smart beautiful girlfriend, and he is actually liking some school subjects. His aim at this time is to work to live- GF, skate, bike, iphone... Doing some work experience at a cafe this week...

And the gels are so close to becoming young women, it is scary. A very social pair, they are the best-est ever friends. But they are not getting phone or FB until later on next year if I can help it, the telephone and Facetime are getting enough of a workout at this time.

I retreat more and more to books, the net and telly, but also wanting to take off with them somewhere. Plans of mice and men. Obligations. Needs and wants. Have to things and Cannots.

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