Friday, September 30, 2011

My way or the..

Trying to adjust to bad  and good news

The neurologist gave me the news, not good, not altogether bad.

MS, mild case of.


Still walking talking spilling beans etc etc

If left eye tells me a thing is red, and the right says, Nah Mate, its greyish and a bit more pinky brown red than red, what is going on.

Three years ago, my eye doc said take a few tests.
And nothing was seen to be wrong with my eye sight.

The year before I remember tryinhg to explain to an uncle and some others this strange thing- nada- blank looks from them all.

But is was there.

Since then I have been wondering about how left and right eye tell me different things in this case.

Finally, after the MS diagnosis- and further free ranging thought, I think this is the explanation:

A signal [red colours] may indeed go to the particular and separate processing places in the brain for each eye, but it must also be shared or leaked between them so a comparison can be made and evaluated as to the validity of the signals captured by the retinas. The overall grayness too can be more apparent at time, especially trying to read.

And then once codified or validated, then passed onto the Mind for further assessment- Red Corvette or Burgandy Corvette?
A test is a Ferrari- no greyish burgandy-ish red Ferraris: so the right eye signals are off by nearly that much.

I once used rock colour chart books in my old mudlogging job in oil and gas exploration, and wished I still had one, and then I could tell you what I mean by a simple alphanumeric code what left and right eyes see.

But now, I see that the website chart available can not go to that finer gradation, that shade tone tint that is the difference I can see. Bugger. Well, today anyway.

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