Monday, September 23, 2013

Alcoholery and Portable Vineyard Spring 2013

Alcoholery and Portable Vineyard Spring 2013

Down here in the Austral Spring the Alcoholery and Portable Vineyard Spring 2013 report is that August and September rains have encouraged good growth in the vines.

As of this week, the pots have are healthy apart form some insects eating away at the baby Pinot pots, the failure rate on the pinot 2012 cuttings is over 60 percent, dang.

Repotted 2011 cuttings- six with one fail.

Agenda October '13

Agenda October '13

Looks like a shared desert job in the old oil and gas hunting fields out of Moomba for October.

A little trip to Adelaide, then a shared drive with an old mate up north for a few weeks consultant wellsite geologist work, probably night shift or shared day work, some reports and inspections, pick a zone, all the usual.

Complete the hole, drive back south , then visit a few old friends if the old phone numbers still work, and a favourite winery visit in the Barossa, maybe a sail down the coast.

Nothing else new on the horizon past December at the moment; one of my first clients is not contactable, and I know there is some work by them coming up... A bit worried.

Ready now to be independent consultant wellsite geologist, with public liability extended, just waiting on the PI.

That's the Agenda October folks, wish me luck!

post august '13 consult- not too bad

post august  MS '13 consult- not too bad

Dr 'D' says of the last MRI in July, a new pea sized lesion in the brain. The post august '13 consult- not too bad after all!

Great. Well. Well. Well. Three holes in the desert... Was there a little superiority noted by self when the doc could not see how to view three CD's of MRI images at once? Yep. But she did appreciate the tip- if a program is on disk, then copy it and data files to temp folder, and use it to resuscitate a "dead" imaging file on a "faulty" CD, and then go and compare the annual file images- Voila! Well, it took a little time out of the following patients time  I reckon, but then, learning never hurt anyone... Unless a diagnoses learnt does... Argh.

Was nice to say to her that since I have been on one of the recommended treatment that there has been no significant relapses since the left eye deal last year, the week before the new consulting job.

The last few months have been relatively free of the numb and tingly symptoms too, but have noticed that there is a slight relaxation in the bladder control after urinating, the last few drops manage to spoil things, and this is rare, and after dinner too. Weird.  A fold of the willy in the jocks is a fix I think..

Which means that the post august '13 consult- not too bad result is good. It is still only a mild onset of MS.  The capoxone may be holding off symptoms- just think that a oral tablet treatment would be less stressful and worrisome when working in the desert if more work comes up- keeping it cool may be a hassle.