The Portable Vineyard

The Portable Vineyard
An IMBY Project!

What Is It? "The Portable Vineyard" is potted Shiraz vines In-My-Back-Yard.
Established [about] 2004.
Central Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, called a cold climate area.
Budgeting, and because I had never thought about fermenting grapes.
Cuttings off new already planted six Shiraz Grape Vines IMBY
Tone- stay-at-home-dad ex-rigpig geologist and wine lover

Shed- or alcoholery

As  hobby, wine fermentation and beer brewing needs a Shed.

The Garden Shed I used to have has been turned into a teens "palace", clothes and all...

So the Old Garage is now the site of the infamous Alcoholery.

Winery, Brewery and Distillery

For instance, there are
4 or 5 small plastic vats of 25 to 50 liters capacity,
more than 10 demijohns ranging from 5 to 64 liters,
about twenty dozen empty wine bottles ready to go, cleaning stuff for it all,
Basket press
Grape crusher
and small electric distillery unit...
Tubing, corking machine, beer-capper,

Everything I need to produce a steady supply of handcrafted alcohol, anyway you want I like it.

Portable Grapevines

Stage One
Step 1
Prunings from established vines
Pinot Noir

The Propagation mode is usually a cutting with two nodes. This is the method I have used and seems to work: bury end coated with a cuttings propagation powder, honey with one node beneath the soil and one exposed, and the right way up of course. Usually do about fifty to sixty, to give me at least five or more by winter the following year

Stage 2

Cuttings at year on transferred from the propagation bed to individual pots during winter.

Pinot Nursery year old cuttings

Stage 3

The Nursery. If there are vigorous growers, these are transferred to a larger pot and pruned back to leave the strongest cane.

Stage 4 
Productive Vines

The first batch of successful cuttings transferred in October 2004. After working in a vineyard for six months and some winery work, I thought a portable vineyard might work at home! The supermarket had large pots for a cheap enough price.

Pinot Noir x 7
Shiraz, planted left and the Portable Vines

Over the last seven years, different ideas have occurred.

Using limestone as a 5 to 10 cm base in the pot, not done yet.

Use 2 liter plastic bottles with the ends cut off, and watering each pot with just 2 liters. Initially, I left the cap on and drilled a 5mm hole to drip feed the water, then left it off as the hole got plugged too easily.

Two years ago, there was an article in the newspaper garden section about having plant-pots in a saucer deep enough to hold 2 to 4 liters, to keep the lower end wet during hot periods, and seemed like a good idea, and went with that and seems successful too.

Mulch to keep moisture in and weeds out.

At Harvest and  Vintage
Obviously, the garage grape vine with the foxey grapes



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