Monday, February 25, 2013

Pre pick

Closer to Picking 2013

The backyard grape vines of the portable vineyard, IMBY, are set for vintage!

Pinot about 19 Brix
Shiraz close to 22 Brix
Garage Foxy Grapes about 22 Brix too

Looks like picking time this week or next!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Been there and back again

Well, back at work anyway

Twinge here

Twinge there

The last month, been little twinges as neck as nodded the old noggin, down the legs, for a day anyway, but not as bad as the first time.

maybe the Copaxone is alleviating symptoms.

With new work had to put off 6 month appointment for a month...

Slacking a bit

parenting and slackness

Yep, back as a rigpig.

Since I was pointed to/at a job notice in September, I have had a lucrative three months. As far as strict parenting goes as a single parent goes, I have let it go, shouting and ranting only when there is a mess, and keeping to myself and my hobbies* and letting the kids free rein on the family TV.

Seems a bit rough, but the gels have their aunt around, a few days or more a week for Female Company/ Role Model. As a pool is involved at her place, I think she is like me, 'let em go for it' with their young cousin.

The second child is a little tougher to handle,  he could be out on his own this time next year, and his freedom and phone are pretty important to him at the moment. Well.. To both of us. But I am not paying for vices for him, his phone bill is too much almost to bear. Even if I could afford it, his cap is over nearly every time the bill comes round. I mean, five or six pages of text messages on the bill each month- who has time to spend on text messaging? I reckon he will have it hard enough with this last year of high school anyway and only a few bucks a week to pay the bill. However, his friends and GF manage not to sponge too much off their folks, or even save money! We did have a dinner out together the other night, nice meal, then a few games of eight-ball later. Nice night out.

Eldest child is happy enough I think. At the moment he is happy to help out with stuff around the house here while on vacation from uni, baby sitting the kid, shopping for the house, a bit of cooking and lots of [free] downloading, and doing my delivery job while I am away during the day on a rig earning some real money!

And the newest problem or addition to my menagerie is this little hand me down [below] from #2Son's friend Jonnie... About 3 months old, male, and so is onto EVERYTHING. A firm grip on the nape when an attack occurs seems to have intimidated him that I am IN CHARGE, bit the gels are letting him give them war scars.... He loves chasing the red spot from a little laser pointer- it is FUNNY. So here is the little squirt, resting from a hard days labour entertaining the troops..


My father in law had a birthday the other week, the big 80. I think. And is over his Whopping Cough illness a bit more too. Imagine a doctor [GP] or hospital staff not recognising that- UNBELIEVABLE  any way, anti-biotics, and feeling better is how it's going.

My father is in Tassy, at a wooden boat Show with my brother and a cousin's hubby. is that not nice or waht. So far they are eating well. I think. And the weather has been nice for them too.

Other local buzz is a huge bush fire out of control for three weeks now or more- north west of us by 40km, covering a huge 75000 hectares- that is 750Km2 or 289 square miles or 185330 acres. I just wish that officials or the media would say 20 miles by 14 miles, with the active perimeter as say 200km long? And another fire out of control is greater than 10000 hectares in the Alpine region 130km NNE. What a great Country!

*My TV, Solitaire, The Portable Vineyard watering program, work paperwork and some beers.

Oh lala

2013 Vintage to start soon

Looking through the shrubbery, I was SURPRISED to see that verasion has been and gone in less than two weeks as far as the Shiraz and Pinot are concerned! I was going to post on that, but breen busy and lax.

Today I thought I better do a sugar level test and most of the varieties are at 15 Brix or about 8 Baum,  getting there, close to what I want in my Portable Vineyard Backyard Wines- that is 12% Alcohol or better; that is, I need 22 Brix or better!

Vintage should be in less than two weeks if this is the case, end of February.



 Today a large Carrawong(?), a crow sized native bird, bigger than a magpie, was scouting the vines for morning tea.... Not happy, may have to re-organise the whole yard, net the lot of them in one go rather than this poor attempt to keep them away.