Something, About Me

Third Person... Something about me
Raising kids alone since 9/2000

Some things
Widowed exRigPigGeo exOilFieldTrashGeo  Wellsite Geologist, part time dad- I get to get out of the hoose for a few weeks and leave and trust the kidliwinkles to their aunt and friends, only for the fun and money mind you- at least making money and supporting them as I would like to be supported, oh dear, entangling my self...
[Thanks Jen- pig is too much] (awkward pause,) [I was- hope I am not now][No I am again!]

 dad of 4 3 'teens' and a young adulty perason, like in Stay at home dad mostly- part timer self employed... Windsurfer Un-extra-ordinaire...
Misses a lot of things- for instance
  • Tarn
  • speed and wave sailing on a board. not a dinghy so much
  • Tarn 
  • Probably old work and school friends
  • Eldest Son, now he is a Voter and Student in Big Smoke
  • Interesting exciting rig life- Discoveries!
Other Things
Diagnosed early 2012 with silght mild case of MS after a weird year of aches and thongs.
Coffee monster- burnt out one expensive espresso machine,
Cannot have more than 2 real espressos per day
Instant Moccona Coffee goes down like water, explain that!

Family (close and extended) and Friends are  important.

First Person...
Never realised what I had, and now it's gone.
I like gadgets, speed-sailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps.
I'm a GEMINI and that allows for two faced-ness

I want to get into geothermal exploration in my local district and there should be lots of potential sites for an alternative energy source locally. After all, there are coal mines and oil and gas kitchen sites

Site things
I have sites-

Done and Doing Things
Raising four children has been a... experience. At least the last ten years or so.
I have had help at times, and the kids are all the better for having those people in our lives. I am the eldest of six kids, so helping out as a child at home back in the sixties and seventies probably allowed me to be able to handle the present situation- a SNAG? Mum always encouraged me to be at least charming... 

I love reading- any time- any place.
I was a Biggles fan in primary school, I used to read under the desk and was always called to attention.
Library thru the 70's was visited nearly everyday in high school for SF and rock-n-roll bios .
SF remained a passion, since 1979 been subscribed to three magazines.Raising four children has been a great experience. In the last ten years I have had help at times, and the kids are all the better for having those people in our lives. SF remained a passion, since 1979 been subscribed to three magazines. [ Analog, Asimov, F&SF]

I love to catch up with old friends, and enjoy time with my relatives

More odd things

Blogerising-Just a page of it
'Advanced Time Wasting'
'[Canine Fornication]',     technical oilfield term
'[Arachnid Fornicating]', schoolyard term circa 1973.
'Fit like'[Scottish],
'Furry boots like?' "Where abouts are you from?"   Tarn loved this one.
Indubitably       Daffy Duck?
'*ash' this ending amused me for a little while. If you add single letters to this you end up with how many  of words? 16! a,e,i,o,u not on the list, or n,q,v,x.  Add two letters, more again. Love language.