Friday, August 23, 2013

Spring buds 2013

Spring buds 2013

Pinot- 24-Aug-13
Reading of a local winery's Spring Buds 2013, I thought I better check my collection of "Ragedy Annes" out in their pots, to see whether I had some spring buds.

As of the 20th August, the Pinot and the Shiraz potted vines have wee little spring buds movements! Some have leaves out and all!

Not as well budded as the winery over the hills and vales to the northwest, but definitely erupting. Even the "bay" vinrs had slight Spring buds

Comparing Spring buds with last year- seem to be earlier by a week... I wrote in the first week of September- first week of the Southern Hemisphere's Spring- that the Portable Vineyard vines had budded. No! And- The vines budded by 20th August in 2011 too.

Maybe Global Warming aint happening...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Winter 2013

Winter 2013

Lined up 

All the bunch ready potted vines line up down along the side fence for winter now, ready for spring bud time- about to occur quite soon.
Over forty portable backyard vines now, with eleven or so one year olds re-potted.
Re-thought the irrigation- get that lined up down the fence line this year, maybe a timer of 2-4 liters per day- or enough to fill the cut down and nearly buried 2 liter containers

one and two year old cuttings
The Pinot, and cat 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

ADFord Geologist

PhotoOil and Gas Exploration Wellsite Geologist


Available as a consultant/contractor/subcontractor Wellsite Geologist as of August 2013

December 2012 through to June 2013

Since December 2012 was the Wellsite Geologist and assistant to the Operations Geologist at Lakes Oil NL at Morwell, Gippsland on a stratigraphic hole, including HQ coring through the Strzelecki Group and into the main objective of the well, the underlying Tyers Subgroup (media released quarterly report May 7 2013). Results as per company quarterly report here, page 6
Reached target depth and now looking for the next project.


Recruitment company got me a second job with Lakes Oil PL over summer- a top hole supervising and maybe continuous coring next.

October 2012
Consulted for a company late September  to October in the Latrobe Valley, as the Wellsite Geologist and Company Rep working on a coal coring job up valley from home, with an option if successfully completing this task for another in south Gippsland next year too. RESULT- 6 days worth paid out a laptop and MSOffice- just need a log program.
Graduated Applied Science (Geology) 1983, started in Oil and Gas which meant logging and sitting wells to identify productive zones via hand specimens or microscopy or fluoroscopy or chromatography or interpreting drilling parameters or from logs of gammaray, density, neutron and sonic via wireline or LWD- and passing on recommendations or reports as needed . Directional well surveyor, MWD, directional drilling tool operator. LWD engineer before leaving the field due to family reasons. These are Wells Worked On. Locations were around Australia and overseas in different areas of Oil and Gas Exploration. Picture below is the Maersk Valiant. I appreciate your taking the time to review my resume. If you feel that your company is in need of someone with my background, I would enjoy talking about any opportunities. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that we may discuss the possibilities in detail.