Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wells since 1983

All the wells I have ever been to, date, client, position, location and the rigs types between 83 to 96 with Sclumberger and Halliburton up to 2000
no's 170 something or Latest Wells
TEDDH-1 for GreenPower Energy Australia, East Trafalgar, West Gippsland, Victoria
Yallourn Power-1 for Lakes Oil Pty Ltd, north of Morwell, Gippsland, Victoria
Pirie-01 Cooper Basin for Tellus/PNC, Inamincka area, easterly on the Coopers Creek almost.

Geology Career   Formal CV


Is a widower cursed by chance?

Life seems to be rolling on without my preferences for small socialising occasions. Successful as life seems- and the bank balance, [no need for Uncle Tony to chip in to the mortgage this year- and can pay out balance for gels braces too], cant get no satisfaction.

Work seems to interfere with the biggies, I may miss my baby sisters marriage soon, but also, there is no word of work either- Limbo...

Catching up with people long not seen also off the table- "busy for the next three, no four evenings- sorry", not home, too busy, too tired, missed opportunities or Do I just have Bad Breath? Bad manners? Boring to be with?


Hmph. Up em all then. Three new bottles of Single malt to taste, waiting waiting waiting... Although, must say, picked up some Noice Wine at the Barossa on the way home the other week- 7 cases should get me and any afficiandos tipsy if I get visitors again. The VP shiraz port is Divine!

Some happy things have been- #2Son's Valedictory dinner with his Pop, and meeting some new people- whose Life Styles verge opposite mine- blame my scientificaltness I suppose... But biodynamics- cow poo buried with horns or Lock The Gate verges on uneducated hysteria to me.

The gels are getting into battles- girly crap at school- feel sorry for them. Now have Two Little Women at home trying my patience and wallet. #2Son does have wheels now- just needs a ticket to use it. I hope #1Son had a good week in the Little Smoke working on a TV news program- even battling his own privations- glandular fever is supposed to be pretty bad.  And #2's stay over for a while friends have been nice to have around too. yes- Mandi and Zak and Cammo. Just wish the mac-attack-rubbish was not left out to annoy me. Yep, grumpy about something ALL the time...

Was visited recently by my dad's side- Anne and John, and then Bern and Kath, so slightly mollified not left entirely alone at the end of the known universe by family passing by. I know- everyone is really busy and just cos I used to like dropping in on anyone does not warrant vice versa... Do unto others as--- OMG, no, do not want to think, but, my karma is low...

Just wish the gumption was there to front up to assholey better than thou wankers- but loud wheels need greasing or ignoring, I cant stop feeling shitty about life.

I think I have cleaned up the shed of facebook contacts that have not bothered to be there. Not going to bother putting anything on it, or read others stuff, for now. Interesting blogs are all that I am happy to read about- geology, windsurfing and weather. Tis sad really.

Trying to keep the kids into their interest- #4 photos, #3 music, #2 the car [Black Pearl Ford sedan] and #1, well, I wish him all he best for a job he would like to luck into, music gigs and reviews thereof. Time for one on one with three this week with the family wagon off the road for electrics clean-up, though the van aint that great a place to talk. But then, got to have a ride in the New car of #2's- nice one there- a granny had it- 71k on the clock for a 19 year old car...

Enough of the Marvined stuff and whinging about lost time- I need to get passionate again on the water, the small fleet of RC indoor copters not the same as blasting across the water at Sandy, but small steps, the new wet-suit and sailing gear need to be Used!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

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Thanks for the interest.

Added the rest of the blogs consolidating MS, winemaking, geology advert, and hobbies and weirdness.
all the things posted elswhere apart from wordpress blog- thinking on that, no last post  there yet- but should I put Everything on one site. I know links go to the old sites, so that just confuses people. leaving them on the net. I imagine so anyway.

The way I write is not scoring hugely I note with dissapointment- maybe I cannot write whre people are just wringing their hands and grinding teth- "Just where/when is the next one Tony?