Saturday, September 24, 2011

sad and glad

Weird- an old draft, unposted

But- so relevant in any case.
This is what I meant to say a while ago... and as usual, there is always something I don't get around to doing.
Like yesterday, it was one of the my nephew's 18th birthday, which is big over here, as you can actually go up to a bar and "where's me beer mate?", and I was waiting to call, and FORGOT until 10pm, which ios a bit late.
Sorry Jord, and Maz, and lil bro...

So from last years brave attempt at... welcome mat rollout to my Sis-Inlaw and partner and kidlet Dmpsi.
They have just had a hoose built, out at the edge of town, so drinkies may be a bit smaller than in the past when there was sometimes advanced imbibations and only had a five minute walk home...
From last year- and also this year, git beck ere...

sad and glad
Tarnia's little sister is coming to see us all soon, the girls cannot wait to see their aunt, cousin and uncle, back from the States. The boys. Probably. Me- wine beer company good fun.
I don't know whether it's coming home to see us all, or a family vacation?
Making sure we are well; growing? Aunty sounds excited,
To be with us. For Christmas time.
Home is where the heart is...
Fish and Chips out in the back yard with a few beers or wines.
There are  a few six packs and bottles waiting.
Glorious spring weather, better be- rain on the way?  :-(

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  1. Very appropriate post Tone as its only 7 WEEEKKKSSSSSSS YAYAYAYAYAYAY! So that post is strangely spot on.....again!

    I'll always be Tarnia's little sister in your eyes I guess....and I'll always be the aunty that can't wait to see all those at 146...can't wait for the fish and chips, beers, wines, and cuddles from you all!