Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tarn's Garden Grows

As the time goes by
But Her Garden Plan does Modify

Yep. Sad to hear, but what She Wanted is not set in concrete. yet
As far as a garden replacement goes, though, I do dream...

Tarn's idea of an ideal home for us and our kids was a Classic Victorian Style.

That she found.
And my offshore superintendent allowed me to return back to shore for a Lunchtime Hoose Inspection.
That's co-operation for you! And was Tarn pleases and surprised about that.
No more than me...
Must be my...?
I said Yeah, it has a cellar, garage, shed etc, why not? The bank took three weeks and said yeah, why not?

She was Pleased...

High ceilings [for the spiders to hide? Tarn hated spiders!]
Bullnose Veranda. [more hidey holes]
A Garden. [tons of hidey holes]   [btw- guess who was the designated garner...]
Dishwasher. Anyway, a spot for...

The last item was never considered in original CVS hooses.
But her idea here was to put one on the veranda.
NO way I said. Preposterous!
I was just thinking of the new garden that would have to be prepared after the plumbers had to remove the nice pleasant one ensconced at the time. Too much... But then, may have renewed the waste water pipes...

My idea of a home was ... a shelter? No lawns...

Anyway, on top of yesterdays horribiluus-ness [weather, date].

I went to smell the flowers- NO- the sight of our garden blooming away, all by itself, caught my attention.
And thus was late for work while I took a couple of garden snaps to remind me what Tarn had found for us.

I have taken out a lot of plants that were not coping with the minimal care required but not given, and drought conditions did not help some of the plants. I added a mandarin tree, and some lavender & azaleas, and transplanted the white roses she had in large pots- the wind ruined one pot...
I missed the semicircular display this year by a week, bugger. Some larger unruly shrubbery has also been sent to Coventry too, I mean the bonfire. Too old and raggedy. The side hedge may end up that way too if it fails to spruce up by xmas.

Me and #2 might put in a little veranda/sunshade area out back by then too, some where out of sight- like the round the house veranda is a bit exposed to the hoi polloi...

And I thought I better add these two, with their mates at Ballarat.

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  1. Beautiful pics Tone...miss being 'in' your garden, and yes, it still reminds me of Tarnia. IT is definately her house...still. :)

    Can't wait to be home, shade area sounds like a great idea!!!!

    D x