Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't know if it is real yet

I am yet to tell if MS is a real thing to me as yet

As previously told, a few interviews, xrays, eye-brain test and MRI scan are what I have had the last few months for the neurologist to suggest I have MS.

I have not delved too deep into the www to see what is going to happen, but I think the progression in my opinion so far is that I better keep saving for some weddings in a few years.

My awful sense of humour- refusing to face reality while it kicks me in the head- will keep me chugging along.

This blog is my stories of family related incidents, events, happenings, you know, anything I can have some fun with. The other blogs are exactly what they are too, refusing to face reality on its terms and making the world do the right thing on my terms. Should I start another dealing with this MS reality?

The gels and boyz know that I have been told what I may have, and gel#1a looked it up, and sort of understands.

The weird thing is that my eldest boy used to do the MS-Readerthon nearly every year- a horrific thought to participating sponsors as the little bugger loved to read...

I aint stumbling about nor driving into traffic, but now I understand that spilt milk is not just clumsiness anymore. Or that is a way to look at it. Covers up or explains a fair bit the last few years- aint grief anymore either?

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