Friday, September 2, 2011

hard rubbish

Out it goes
Unclogging the yard

Every year, local government offers to take away hard rubbish that has been gathering. Stuff like old TVs, kettles, chairs, you know? Nearly anything too big for the wheelie bin!

I just do not have the patience or front for garage or yard sale. There you go. Maybe a few grand to replace, but any old junk just, to me now, has to go on the street.

The previous collection managed to clear some stuff up, like a huge old tent that was on its last legs, sorry dad, but it was finally given away, or crumbling away? I did not keep track of the steel poles, but I imagine it was gone quick!

The renovations of the spouting around the veranda a year ago or so left a lot of crap around, and which missed that last collection for the dead spouting somehow- or forgotten? Clogging up the yard. It could have been taken it to the local dump, for a fee... And no trailer at the time did not help.

But! It is all out on the street this week, earlier than required, sure, as... as it is old iron, and maybe someone could take it for recycling? A fine example of hard rubbish anyway. and the yard is unclogging slowly but surely.

Along with that stuff, there is also an old garden table or two, lots and lots of old bike stuff and wheels, gear that Son#2 has... left? For me to clean up...

The basketball pole assembly was a complete waste of time, some teens ruined the counter-weight, and it was used at the most just a few times and had fallen on the hoop a few times and thatt had broken off too. It was put out, and--- was MIA by brekky time!

All the old cookware, electricals, radios, teapots, anything I cannot keep any longer, mismatched twenty year old cutlery. A year old but rusty microwave. My first TV. Three LCD monitors- Dead ones. PC peripherals- obsolete. A coffee drip machine, waffle maker. The list is long. I mean, twenty year old stuff! Out it goes! A 35 year old radio that had stuttered to a hiss and wheeze, Tarn's.

I look in the shed, and oh dear, there might be some junk in there I have been keeping for too many years, like as in Just In Case, you know? Old bolts, hinges, jars of screws and nails, nearly junk, boxes, luggage, but not... The "timber" collection may end up in a bonfire.

The BBQ is looking haggard, to be nice, and is on notice... Anything else?

Maybe an old trampoline frame, a forty year old swing set... but still thinking on those- steel tubulars...

So someone's junk and trash is definitely someone-else's treasure.

The veranda is starting to look better, as well as the yard. Maybe this time next year, there will be only a graveled block left. I mean, I may even get rid of the lawn and garden, just pure minimalist upkeep!

Just me and a tent...

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