Monday, February 14, 2011

Bad news for the alcoholery

Getting ready for vintage, organising the grape sources.
Well, I was.

My prime shiraz/Syrah source had a really bad season with rot and weather, which is bad luck for Harry and Lyn on top of their not being of 100% wellness at the moment too. It's not their only income source, being farmers of course. Next year.

I still have to bottle the 35 liters I made with their grapes last year- smells like wine anyway.
And then I have to bottle my whole Five Liters I made last year. I may try to spin it out to 12 half size bottles instead I think.

The vintage of The Portable Vineyard looks good.
The Shiraz has many dried up berries- sick? But should be a good crop. And the birds are trying to get what they can through the net too. Bstds.

The Pinot Noir may provide a few litres, especially as there is no Chardonnay left...

Maybe I should combine the lot? No, cos the Pinot is not far from harvesting by a berry taste today. The shiraz is at lest a month off, same with the [netted] foxy white garage grapes that are teasing the shit out of the birds, Nyahaha.

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