Saturday, February 26, 2011

rainy day

As the usual 2010/2011 weather sets on for the weekend- I.E. Rain... The girls and I are so busy. Not.

If you check the BOM records for Victorian towns for the last six months, the weatherman says, each weekend has been wettish. Somewhere. Not in my backyard anyway. Close but, no.

 But 143 mm for February, that's good. My grapes may be being affected by all the moisture though, lots of sultanas and husks. I may have to up the number of pots, get shade cloth and cage them all against Birds.

I have been doing the Angry Bird thing on the iTouch  No.1 son gave me... the seasons edition with valentine crap flying everywhere.

If I get one star, I try to get another one...

Dam #1!

No.2 son- fraxxelate-me-now-b4-I-dy had an out of townie staying w/ us for dins & overnite, and early bed too.
Well, they were off on the train in the wet early this morn to skate/ride at a town up the line, nearer The Big Smoke. So far we have had nearly an inch since midnite, but a wet skate park up the line was so much better. Sure.
The last sentence I see Yoda me at laffink...

Anyway- so the girls and I have had it easy- TV and Wii, iTouch and SF mag. What else?

Dinner is wot! All the other major protein and carbs have been on the menu, nearly. So tuna mornay it is.

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