Monday, February 14, 2011

Building Supervising or Monitoring...

Monitoring the house project out at out at my sister-in-laws building site.
Just a few minutes a day.

As the pour continued to the end, I was wondering whether they had enough!

It looked like a few barrows short, but nah maaateey, all was foine. There was excess to requirements when I left, which goes to show the engineers had it down pat- but not by much though.

In Other News this week:
Daughter #2 was elected onto Junior School Council, pipping #1 Daughter "by that much".
But they are in separate classes, ah well.

They also both are doing Taiko Drumming... And daughter #1 is getting extra cornet lessons by being in the school band. I wanted them both to join the school choir as together they sound so sweet singing.

And #1 Son is settling into uni life. Last night he was on a rooftop art a bar swigging a few beers... He is getting a new pc this week, so goodbye to the now-dinosaur I got him nearly eight years ago! It still works, otherwise he would be off the net- maybe the uni supplied net access was cheap enough after all?

#2 Son is just moving along- got himself another job after school- so he can keep up with the Joneses- I.E. skating and biking...

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