Friday, February 11, 2011

a last supper

Last supper with #1 tonight.
Before he starts at uni.
We, him and I, are going down to the Big Smoke with his gear on the morrow, the 12th.

I invited Pop and Bren over for a last supper, Not To Make Up Numbers Noreen!

So I rang Mr Pizza, and ordered small, medium and family size.
One slice left! Two girls and four adults. Wow! And the girls were too full for IceCream!!!???

Shared a bottle of Chocolate Milk Stout with Pop.
Bren had some ginger beer, the girls orange pop.
#1 did  not partake in the stout- he was orf to a mate's place for 'real beer' later on...
Alrighty then. Noice noight Joy-cee.

Missing above is Son2, he was out with his gf's family for her 15th, a pub meal- my guess was a plateful of schnitzel- correct!

And Tomorrow- I am letting the girls stay at pop's.
Son#1 and I go to Big Smoke, sign him in and drop off all #1's stuff.
Then I may got to RPS (need a safe for the wallet).
Then I am gunna go speed-sailing with any luck, down at Sandy Point and on the Shallow Inlet speed run to try my new GPS tracker.
The weather forecast looks great.
And I will have a whole few days by myself to worry about #1 and #2, and where the girls are going to school next year.
And what would Tarn be thinking and planning or whatever.
That's the hard part- the Missing Part of our lives, that I seem to skim over, distract myself from.
I have not yet let the car drift over the white line yet.
Been close over the years but now I will be staying closer to the verge for a while.

#1 son seems to have all his shit together. Was early packed tonight...
Keeps telling me to chillax!
Well, I am not that optimistic- paranoid that it can not go all that sailingly well...
Fingers, toes and nuts crossed.

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  1. Oh Tone,

    I can't imagine how you must be feeling...I'm feeling mixed emotions about Alexander leaving too!

    Excited for him and sad for you and selfishly for me that he won't be in Sale anymore! :(

    Your comment about Tarnia made me cry....she will always be the missing part...but somehow I know she would trust what you decide as you have done such an amazing job of making right decisions so far with all 4!

    Proud of my gorgeous nephew...and of my bro in-law!

    Thinking of you today!
    love you all
    D x