Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home again, after a non sailing weegen

So after dropping Off The Boy, I stayed over at Sandy Point yesterday after a little trip to Inverloch. Stubby of VB. Bottle of red was used 50%. Two late telephone chats. Slept in til 9:30! No wind to wake me up by trying to over-turn the "new Winnebago" to remind me why I was there.
e weather has been too nice now for two days.
After up and leaving the camp site, finding a coffee, I checked the speed run in case the wind was up... Not.
So went home.
On the way I noticed the new oil platform jacket in Corner Inlet at Port Welshpool was waiting to be taken to its location in Bass Strait. Took a turn down to the wharf- no access, but through the fence, there it was. Through the trees at left, and a work boat at right. In the background is the northeast hills of Wilson's Promontory. Hazy day- No Wind.

Eventually, or shortly (?), arrived home, and unpacked and let the kids know I was back.
Then proceeded to change the house about again. With a little  help [or not]...
It's a carthartic exercise changing the house around. MAybe it's my mum's genes, I do like a change of scene every few years.
Now that #1 is orf toThe Big Smoke more or less semi-permanently, it was time to adjust the layout.
So I/we moved out His desk that has been sitting in the family room for nigh on seven years, and tried to sort out the stuff in it... He can do that next time he is home. Like his room...
A shambles- that should take a week, I don't want to say... but... he has had nearly three months to toss out junk,and sort out the keepsakes. Books. Beer boxes, stuff... 
So then I moved out his desk [that I should have assembled in the first place, as it has a few missing but hopefully not essential screws missing...] and placed it where his old desk sat in the family room. 
This old desk was a converted dressing table (?) that his mum bought back in Adelaide 25 years ago, not an antique, but maybe 30 years old then, and it had a large round mirror that I got rid of [left the lot out front for any one to take off my hands], and hind sight has been kicking my arse since then - it was a nice mirror, the rest of it crap. However, as it was lying around doing nothing in the shed [nobody wanted the table] I converted it to a computer desk. The drawers came out on the left for the pc, and the top all lined up as a flat area. And a rubbish collection point- I do not know how he used the keyboard and mouse with all the crap on it!
Anyway. So the spare room, which three years ago was #2's bedroom- a shoe box! and previously as my study/tv retreat, has been used for two years for the twins as a computer room. Now it will revert to the spare room for junk like kids books, old pc's and stuff.
And the girls have a new desk in the family room for their computers.
Old dresser, was computer desk- now... out to the fire?
Lucky they work well together...

Next is my room, and #2- he wants the bungalow- [the old Shed].
So all I really need to do is find the money and time to move crap around so I can get the carpet cleaners in, and  also the heating ducts cleaned out too, for winter.

And to top the day off, well, for Son 2, there was a visit to Sale by a famous bike rider- from the States no less, and one of his "idols". He did nor get an autograph, but had a ride and some lessons from him. Gary Young.

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