Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wow, eleven years ago...

Wow, eleven years ago...

Tarn was not feeling too well after 8 months or so carrying twins.
The first scan doctor had said- Hey Wow! Twins!
Tears erupted in front of me. What- how- why?
I was just wery wery qwiet...
It was probably my fault. My brother has twins, and Dad's bother's girl has had just had twin boys too.
I was so pleased and hoped that for Tarn that at the very least, one may be a girl.
A down side to me was - wasted 8 grand on a motorbike, what we would need was a people mover after all. Another bad move too.

The amnio test revealed- girls! Yay!
We were not to tell anybody!
But I had let it slip before that [Commandment?] to some people close to me... Frantic calls behind doors to them!
Tarn did tell my grandfather Poppy Coo on his death bed at least.

And so it was, eleven years ago today [20th March].
The ObGyno doc said- To Hospital Young Lady, tonight!
You are ready to POP!
Alrighty then, bloody hell, and whooah!
Pre-eclampsia is not good for you.
Ahh, he says that's why she was a lil bit cranky...

Frantic calls to Sydney to recall Bev for some nanny duty, and to my folks too.

And so the Derrible Do-oh were finally here.

So this weekend we had parties for their eleventh year in my life, referred to in the last Post.

Tallish, elegant, LOUD, so affectionate, adorable cherubs, soon to be high schoolers as well.


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