Thursday, March 17, 2011

One of the things the boys Did Not Want To Do in Sixth Grade

Tonight was a bit strange, some thoughts were; what Tarn would have loved to have seen. The gels would have made her hold her head even higher than usual with pride. This will be our last garden party, the fourteenth for me... 1998 to 2011, 14 right? I just have not got '98 or '99 pics... The '98 ones may have had to be missed as that's the week we moved into Her Hoose.

When the gels were born, March 2000, there was a Garden Party at the local Primary School where the boys went the same week. See above...

Gels #3a and #3b were not at the garden party in 2000, they were busy recovering from a what I call a cut and gut...

The proudest Ever Mum- And Nannies too

Every March, they hold a Garden Party, like a Fete, and hold the traditional Maypole dance.

The boys were never that interested in the Maypole, but when they were in the City Band here, I managed to get them to play the accompanying traditional song, which has only a few bars... Repeated 199 times... See the video below.

Tonight was the 118th Maypole Dance, and my Gels were in it, #3a and #3b. On  the middle Pole and the last Pole, [out of three poles I cannot say which was Number 3 or 1].

Small criticism of the Director, to make my life easier, could not both gels be on the same pole? Anyway, they are in the photos and the videos, just try to catch them, I could not all the time, they all look the same...

Their Hair was To Be Braided. Miffed! I was not asked... #3a has a gel friend, [a BFF!?], and she has a sister, and so she was dragooned into being the stylist for #3a and the BFF.

#3b's hair was done at the school by another mum- nothing to do with me... :-(

They both looked good!

Prior to the dance there was the usual rides and food and goodies- show bags full of lollies (candy) and stuff- suitable for the gender/age... "can I have some [more] money dad?". I helped at the barbie.

My niece will have a chance to so it next year I think, the D's will love it!

So here we go, enjoy-


  1. Tone,
    What can I say...such a moving post. Tarnia would've loved nothing more than to be there...I can almost hear her smiling talk that she'd proud of her girls! She would also be proud of you haven't missed a school concert, fete, maypole or being there as a mum and a dad.

    I loved seeing this..and the old pics of the boys...where has the time gone??

    sending a hug and some love,
    Some days are tough I know.

    d x