Friday, March 4, 2011

5am! What the

So for the last few weeks I have known that daughter #2, or, offspring #3b (get it?) has been organising to go to The Big Smoke for a special day for Leaders.

Cos she is part of the Junior School Council,  and we are both proud of that!

But to cut back- The official correspondence informed custodians of the JSC members that their custodee's were aboarding a mini-omnibus at five forty five AM Friday 4th March...

I thought it was 6.45am. Uh ha. FIVE 45 am babydoll. Argh. Really? Bugger me.

So I was going to leave off the tv at midnight last night. Nah, too much to catch up on, so had 3 hours sleep and the little dear Awoke Moir [is that right?] At 5am.

Brekky with #3b was fun, first time, just us, at that time.

Got the snacks and lunch and coinage for badges etc and set off and arrived at the omnibus stoppaging point at ohhh, about 5:30am...

Of course, being such an important day for them all, some overslept their alarms.... One dad was overheard to say, "@#$$^ $%&, I wake up every so often to make sure I wake up at the right time"...... Hmph. I just wake up on the hour, bugger it, specially after missing a flight, a Long Time Ago in dear old Adelaide... So two were late.

So after one phone call was actually successful, a missing person was rushed by a vehicle exactly 300 meters to the gathering point... Driven by mum, I should mention, not dad.

So that made about five dads there to drop off the offspring. the rest mums of course, or nans.

And the departure was long after 5 bloody 45 am ETD, thankyou very much. Good luck to the lucky Dad driving the bus, he told me that there was no bus parking at the destination- that had been turned into a building site and he had at least a ten block walk back if he did park.

Maybe I should have booted #3b out there at 5.30 and be back in my suggly wuggly warm bed at 5:35am stead of 6:35am. Dreggles it, I stayed until the bus started up at least! Don't recall hearing that the missing body turned up. see comments later

And then, And Then, I had to pick her up of course.
ETA-   6pm.  NOT!

Gotta say- it's a hell of a drive back from Big Smoke when the freeway is cratering into a mine, they did not get to miss the carpark freeway cos the traffic peak in The Big Smoke is from - oooo, 'bout 7am to 7pm? And then, there was a minibus full of "can we stop at maccas?" sort of thing too. I guess, that is.

So then we went out to The Nu Hoose to check progress, as little eagle eyes noticed on the way back home that there were blue things on the Nu Hoose!

So- see Spouts up!

What a day. And now it's after midnight and missed another Tudor episode, dang it.

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