Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catching Up [i]

This past couple of years, I have managed to reel a few old friends in.

Today I sent off [the usual & overly?] an exuberant
 to my old school friend Macca. Yet to get a response. At this time. We went thru primary and secondary schools together in a small seaside town out of the Big Smoke. When I went orf to try geology in a country CAE, he was left behind to get into a spot in an art course up in the Big Smoke instead- and only caught up three or four time in the interim. [funnily enough, same place where my ex-gf Sue went too, and my eldest #1son goes now! wow.]

That's thirteen years growing up together man! Macca and I used to make up Scalextrix tracks and buy and race cars with Tug and Trev, compared to when these days you can't get the kids off the web or Wii or ... He had one of those racer bikes that had the three speed hub. I had to wait a few more years for a flouro green 10 speeder. Macca [thru his big sister and brother] got me into Supertramp's Crime Of The Century and Bloody Well Right on nightovers in his bungalow, as loud as possible too, back in the 70's of course, and  Lou Reed's Satellite of Love and the rest of that album Transformer too. And

Another friend, SmokoKid had never heard of Transformer, in 1990! Well, maybe he was pulling my leg, cos he does own a lot of music. I imagine he has filled a few iPods too.

I did catch up with a girl Brigitta G that went thru the same school years, but that was it, a 'FBk friend'  and that's that. Heloooo?! Get back to me!

And more as well, Melissa [Lisa] WJ, Michael H & Grainne M, Robyn, Richard W, Kevin H, Luie B., Fiona Hunters' sister, Michael M, Trevor D, list goes on.

Out of the blue last year, one of my bestest ever mates in the CAE years caught up with me! From the other side of the country too, and did we ever get sloshed and catch up via the web!

And by accident I got hold of other fellow house mates too, of the Houston Street mansion-not, thru the web. The years before that, I got in contact with two others from there too. One has just the other month completed the Barcelona marathon, at my age, and in a really good time too. What else is amazing was that Mandy had made friends at work in the North Sea with another Geo I had worked with, Stew, two decades ago offshore, WOz. The mansion had a loo that leant to the right a bit and full of weeds, being an outside dunny, so if you were not in the right mind at wee time in the wee dark dark hours...

Face Book, Friends Reunited, Wikipedia and the web is an interesting experiment, indeed.

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