Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a Family!



My uncle dropped in mid arvo for a cuppa. He was on the way back home from a week long fly-fishing trip in the Snowy Mountains with his brothers.

Progeny #3a earlier had taken an advance warning call from my dad about a night-over with us and  he followed his brother inside shortly afterwards.

There had been some fishing done, but no trout for My fridge this trip. The "Boys" ate well in the mountains cos my other uncle, an Ozz champion fly caster- does not return without a catch to the cabin!

And then after that, in time for that cuppa break, #1 son had managed to drag his scrawny ass down from the Big Smoke o the train for a family visit and friend-catchup, and a good dinner [?].

Three relatives, dropping in at the same time. Amasink!

Bern tally-ho-ed home, two hours away, not stopping for the beef roast dinner with us this time.
Maybe I should have started cooking it up earlier?
But then we would have had even less, cos it was overly cooked, in the end- bugger- but I was complimented.
The gravy was spiced up too, nice.

After dinner, the boys and my dad and I chatted, #2 about possible careers and #1 about uni. The gels sat and watched tv. Over ciggies and some home-made wine there was mention of renovations I could probably get done by winter. The weather-boards are eroding and a window frame may need replacement...

And Today-

And this morning I was up early because dad's sister and hubby was going through on the way to the South coast NSW for a week long vacation.

Their plan was to arrive at 8am, ARGH! So I was up at 7pm, to tidy up a little. They got in after about 9am, which was okay, and so the girls got to meet and greet some great relatives. The ulterior motive was to drop off a bike that Jon could not handle that was given to him by his son-in-law. He thought that a such a fab pushbike for the road may be better utilised by us. Drop down handle bars are not so cool for grandads... Well, ok then! An Italian job, nice one Clause.

Dad continued on his merry way to another old mate's place, in a beach town, and my aunt and hubby continued on their merry way, in the opposite direction.

After lunch, we noticed that my aunt had left her handbag behind...

Three calls. One to Jon- "leave a message!" Drat.
Second to Bern- "can I get my cousins' numbers please- because your sister..?"
Third to my cousin, paraphrased-"Hi, it's me."
"Oh. Right..."
Okay then. Odd.
"Your mum's left her handbag, can you catch her at all?"
A short chat- we decided nothing important was left behind, otherwise I would have got a frantic call, or a another visit...
I did think to travel half way... And later- maybe take a few days off and have a wave-sailing session there.

Nah. Some one will say, "nah mate, no bloody way". Life can be a drag.

This evening, mum and I had a little OMG time over it all, but thought it would be all okay in the end.

So a relatively busy weekend!
Uncles, aunts, cousins, sons, dads, mums. And we do it again at Easter at The Ghurk!
Just missed having a skype sesh with the LA rels. Sorry darls.

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