Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What do they want...

three out-of-state-trips
for the kids
without me.

And more soon!
Where's that cash gunna appear from? Thin air?
Dad the money cow. [Apologies to an old Delhi Pet geo mate, Adelaide 1986]
He don't need no noo sailin' gear!

I feel left out, as usual. That's getting so common these days an oi don know why I mention it. Boring old fart that drinks too much? Travel? Pfft.

Well, I have been where they went, and where they are going to next as well.
So it's not like not being there with them that I am going on aboot Dixie. Or Geoff Peterson. [balls!]

But I think I am. Pity. Pfft. Cant spend it.

I am glad I managed to get them there, frankly.

Last year the younger ones got to go to Cannberia [#s 3a & 3b], and Taswegia[#2], as did #1 for a----Music festival in Taswegia that he paid for!
Likely lad- LET ME OUT
gels at 2-1/3yrs
And for #2 this year it's to the Norte Wildes end e Beeg Rorck; and the younger ones are to be revisiting a fake gold-field town. A place, back six years or more(?), where I managed to actually pan out a few colours from a secret spot in the "wild" creek... and caused a minor Gold Rush, from either end of the watercourse... That Was Funny. Being a geo helps sometimes- now I sort feel what it must have been like to start the Poseidon Rush forty or more years ago. The little vial with the booty was found empty last year- so much for that Show Piece! I reckon My Dear would have loved seeing the kids back then in that place, as she would have been to go with them this year. Annoys me to think of that now.

Hells bells, I just wanna sail fast at sandy! Take a few days off down there rather than rush down and rush back tired hurt exhilarated just for 2 hrs on the water. If I have to take the gels along, hmm. How boring- I would be worried as hell leaving them alone on a beach while I reach down the inlet and back as fast as I can to make sure they are okay. If #2 comes along too- well, you cannot ride a bmx in the sand dunes now can you? How long can you fly a kite, build sandcastles or moats or slide down dunes for, or swim/paddle? By your selves? Oi! Maybe they can now... Nah. There will be the little devils riding my conscious, not to mention others! Next year maybe.

And if I like it there and enjoy myself- it would have been just Windy And Bloody Cold for them.


And #1 is fine BTW. From his diary-like blog I see that something is right in the world. If you ever read Diary of Adrian Mole 13-1/2, the reading from the start is just as good IMHO.

So they are being edumacated, cum ell an hi water, and well. The schools are brilliant around here.

And. So. What ever anyone says- I am not that lazy a bastd. That has been mentioned in my hearing and I hope those gits stub a toe, badly. More than once. And never bring it up again. Or bother me. Ever. Again. Some times you can't pick who will do it, and then WHAM. Threatened once. I was left shaken. Depressed. Ashamed. And the criticism of some, well! But why? Like, have they lived my life? Can't I be myself, and just help me out with or give me a proper response so I am not left wondering at the motive of the actions taken? So now, as a recent correspondent says, Fuck Em. Rude and ignorant and arrogant douche bags. Piss Off, I have more on my mind than climbing that ladder the small minds want me to. My mother-in-law said to me once, "Ah Tone, never apologise or explain! Live!" Sends shivers down my spine, what a way to go, but, sometimes, you do need to open up to soothe or be soothed

At least the wine is plenty thanks to Last Years Great Vintage because now I have to go without something else. For the kidleiwinklies. Something my critics probably would never understand, so sorry for the rant dear reader.

And the above bottles of the finest wine from the best grapes in Gippsland will be shared with kin. A few for sure at the NuHoose Over The BillsBong Location when they move in, and not long there! And soon as can be at OG, Bunnyton, Mill Rd, Sunbuns, maybe SBrahton, and The Ghurk too. Oh dear, that is not far away either, maybe there will be a bottle of The Backyard Portable Vineyard Alcoholery available---- Now I am ranting on....

From the 45 bottles above, now only 41.... It's young, and so I hope that a year, or two more, might even make it taste better, cos really, there is one a week for nearly a year... the 2006 vintage was great too my friend Hoffy says.

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