Saturday, March 19, 2011

PreBirthday Party Parties

The first party getting into the party food and cake.
Gels 3#a and #3b celebrated their eleventh birthday with some of their BFs.

Son #2 managed to escape the carnage of a girls- nite-over for  #3a's party by staying at a friends place...

The pre lunch "What Did I get?"

Actually, it was not too bad, the girls swapping DVD time and the usual screaming/water-bombing, and eating junk regularly thru the nite.

Most of the guest were out the door before lunch, and a couple stayed over for #3b's party, which was nearly the same- but chips instead of a pizza slab...

The sing-along with the wii went over well I thought...

I would say thankyou to the parents that let them attend, it was a fun time for them all. I have a headache.

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