Friday, October 1, 2010

respect, yeah!

Today, I have gotten to a place in my kids lives that I can still get some respect. Some eggsampals... (SIC)

The eldest [#1] racked off to a party an hour away, but was polite enough to inform me of the movements a few days ago, and today too, as he was on his way and that I would be seeing him early in the morning as he has a practice exam at 9.30 am. Saturday?! One, I don't think I will be up. Two. Exam on a Satdee? Three, better not be raining or there will be a call from the station... Is he going to get car soon or what?

The Bike Maniac was slow to get up, and the GF was sent in to find him, but they did not re-appear?! Lost in the teeners bedroom from hell? No. The room for a 15 year old is quite tidy, enough that a girl and a dad may enter and exit without going PHEW CLEAN THE ROOM!!  Maybe I will leave it there. They did go shopping later on. Bak to the point. The Point---- was that he also informs me of antics/activities and that he is a good lad.

The girls were on good behaviour bonds that were BENT as their maternal pop came around to take them away from their life of serfdom to their own mess. It was a 3d movie that even pop liked. I imagine it would be a bit better than his teen years 3d movies! The study was still untidy tonight after I asked them to try to do it properly, as with their bedroom too. Ah well. They say they luv me.
The mess tho? The parents were the SAME.

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