Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eldest movin an groovin on

Well the #1 is orf agin to a Salefest music thing.
 "Can I have a 4 block lift?", and some blah blah blah, then,
 "Ta. See ya tomorrow!" at 3pm...???

We kicked some tyres together yesterday. First time. Will have to do it some more now that the sac school stuff is over, maybe let him give the van a whirl too.

Cat in the cradle thing? He will be gone as soon as.

OMG I will so miss him so much. Reckon Frazzlerdazzler definitely will. And the girls too.

Cars. I saw one that looks like a good deal for #1. Rang around, and did the net thing. Advice was get it checked for crash repairs, and make sure the waranty keeps going for new owner. Try to start from a lower price if its such a bargain, compared to what a dealer will give them. Good stuff. Only a 2 liter, 4 door white sedan. 'parently a lil goer!!

Maybe wait a week, then go back and make an offer for cash there and there...
Can always put it back in the bank!

I don't like saying 'no' to #1 anymore, or yellin' at 'im to do stuff around the house- he can vote g.d.i.! But still, he ain't payin' rent yet... After school ends, maybe I will loan him some old home spares: vaccy, microwave, coffee maker/kettle. And he can do his own washin'!
It's jus gunna be a pain in the rear, sorting things out til we know what he wants to do by Feb.

And then, I may even get the original Alcoholery back! Or will #2 claim it?


And then there were three.

[BTW- maybe a repeat:
Room and board.
The board was a board
 to eat off in your room,
and then to sleep on.
How's that!?]

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  1. the car is gone, a too good a deal for someone else :-(