Thursday, October 21, 2010

good kids or what

Tonight my boys were doing grown up fings.

Fraxlerdaxler is a vice captain at his campus of years 7-9.
His SLC have been organising a social for - a long time, lets say.
He had a busy day, being on stage at a school gathering, then "decking the hall" for a do tonight.
They had scrounged old LP covers from the opportunity shops around the town and plastered those up around the hired dance hall in town. Some balloons too. Organised teachers and a security outfit to help out. And one of the guys was the usual DJ we have around here when the boy has friends over for a Sesh with their bikes on the quarter pipe and ramp. NO- the yard is not big and the neighbors too close, but when 15 year olds are singing out loud to songs that I did too,  twenty plus years ago, I just wonder...
According to a little rehash of the night between us- it was okay. He done good.

#1 Son was BUSY after school- being the LAST DAY EVER, apart from tomorrow...
Muck Up Day.
Tonight- he did his job, then I was dragooned into driving him around town- moving (the junk collected surreptitiously when hard rubbish is left on the street ) stuff around town and picking up more stuff before dropping it off for a Fort on the Quad at school- heavens knows what the plan is- but vuvoozulas(?) and silly string and air horns are involved. Tomorrow. Pity the teachers. I could not get to what they do!
Then a special Get Wasted at a friends place WAY out of town after dinner In Town.
See? Busy.
Then a click of the door at 1:30am..??? He was / got bored after apparently copious amounts of J.Beam and cola? A not so great night out.

So two debriefs on an auspicious night out for the YAs.

Felicitations to all, I feel good for my nearly complete caterpillars.
Pictures may be added. Later.

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