Friday, October 29, 2010

Red Flower

Tarn's aunt- Dorothy- left a little flower cutting from Swan Hill in our front yard one year on one of her many visits. I think it is a GERANIUM*. When the house had a spare bed she was welcome to stay- a fellow smoker and fine red wine drinker, course she was!

For the life of me I cannot remember when she up and planted it, but it may have been after we lost Tarn.

So ten years later, there is this little cutting has grown to six feet high, with these intense red flowers. Only two or three blooms this year so far. It is crowded in with some other plants, but faithfully grows skyward year after year.

The story of it goes back to Nana's (her mother) garden in Swan Hill, where Dot originally had gotten a cutting. When Dot had bought her own flat, then a house, this plant followed.

And now we have it too.

*My Mum and her Sister Corrected me straight away....

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  1. Well then, my Mum and my aunt says it is a geranium, after all that, so my little "test" worked!!