Sunday, October 24, 2010

got it wrong, again. Twins. The Fun of it.

Had to guess which twin (niece) was in a picture the other day....
I got it Wrong- They are different and I know I can tell one from the other! Usually.
Took along while mind you, like by the time they were in preschool or sumpin, but that particular pic got me! Do'ing.

T'ankgott, it was not one of my cousin's twin boys, but they are not on the net yet. And one is taller- just have to get the mnemonics right... Again.

We have three sets [20042008] of Identical twins in my paternal grandparents descendent's line.
[I was swayed to say Nyah Nyah Nyah HOWZAT BABY!! but I won't.][ I did- same again- Ny...]
Go back and read again.
Got it? [Got to check my maternal ancestors side too one day- but I think there are none so far.]
So what are the connections if any?

Paternal great-grandparents?
My dad's mother had twin sisters, of which only one survived, [identical or fraternal- dunno]- and she had a child, my 2nd cousin Michael- a black sheep to all intents and purposes- will have to investigate that one day, no twins there.

Back to a point may be. My folks have two sets of twin grand daughters out of sixteen grandkids.
I have twin daughters, my brother has twin daughters and my cousin has twin sons.
I warned my younger brother's wife. Three years ago. Lucky- just Ashlea. My sister has no twins. My youngest sister has to know the [D]anger? Another brother has avoided the lottery, so far.
In fun.

Because- I did not cause identical twin progeny as far as I know,
Unless at conception at that Particular time:

  • I had provided some energy to promote Identicalness Spermozoa into my wife's womb , 
  • Conception by Moon Phases Just For Girls or 
  • too much     energy???

( Dee- I have an extra girl at "times", pick one please?)

As a certified geologist (- or is that certifiable?), I know that fraternal twins are the result of two eggs and Identicals are due to----- hmmmm Cosmic Rays? Bad Luck.. or what?
Whoops- I have too many acquaintances (with twins also) that will say that Double Trouble is also Double Fun! Or would they?
Okay then, "You Tidy Their Damn Room"- I just see twice the mess!
My dear inlaws and cousin would [SHOULD!?] agree that 'doublemess' not that much fun, people...

Just to mention- before the girls were born, Tarn had the ultra-sound scan- out of town- a special 150km trip. The lady doctor was pleased as punch to say "Looks like twins people, congratulations!"
None taken- Tarn burst into tears, confusing the hell out of me, and I never remember her explaining why. I was happy. And then confused. But eventually it was okay- just regretting the motorbike I had bought, because now we actually needed a larger passenger vehicle instead of a boys toy.

After that we had the amniocentesis just to ensure that as older parents there were no developmental in-utero problems. There were none. And we found out gender too. I could not wait to spread the great news- Tarn was getting her girls! I did tell a few people, and then I Was Told To Not Let Anyone Know We Knew. Whoops. Quick re-call around and a cover up. Tarn did tell my dying grandfather on his deathbed, so was I squared away? I hope Poppy died happier for that little secret.

Orroight- the co-incidence (this week) really is that I had to negotiate(?) was that another celebrity had twins- and I wished Tarn was here to give me a pointer as to whether I should Scoff at it all, or commiserate with them... if you don't know- my Tarn was an avid Hello reader (and here), so much so I made sure of her happiness by subscribing to it, bugger the expense.

Of course if it was a male celeb, phwa! So what! Dunno of any- suggestions anyone?

But really, when a fav Female star has twins- I reckon I am ['WE are' She would say!] in the 6° of Separation Type Club, don't you? Check it out. Ms Roberts for one.

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