Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bed time.....

I have no sympathy for Parents People with Children.

Not complaining, much.

Bed time is set. Say- 8pm.

So when the curfew is broken, because the moving image is distracting to the extreme for some people [them and self], how upset are you  am I deserved to be?

"What about some ice-cream?"
What the RGRTSYU$%^ !!
"I spose u can...". Don weally wan em taken way cos they don git fet et neet!

Indubitably, not.

How spoiling can I be?

Too much obviously, to some.

I had a curfew of 7:30pm at the age of 11!
I missed the Goodies, golly dam u reservoir.
For years!

Not until I was 17.5 years of age did I get to appreciate, repeat, appreciate the Goodies!
And only because I was at a new place, away from the perfidious insidious overwhelming condescension and inevitably do-well-ing-ton thoughts of the my parents. I thought. They were just tired of leetle peeple.

My little kin have such a choice, and when the Goodies are on, the net has them netted instead of books I used to read (until 2am... like Biggles!), or TV- with the new ABC2 or ABC3.

The twins are so good tho, I mean, they each have a friend of their own age, in their room, each night!
The chatter goes on night after night, with me saying "You have the rest of your life for that crap!" going in and out of two pairs of really really deafened ears (to a parents voice tone)...

Anyway- the thing is that, I can jump up and down, SHRIEK "TEETH TIME", bludgeon my forehead against the door jam and still, I have no say on bed/Sleep time...

Like the Cornish tin miners of old- "Where she be, there she be", as in - Sleepy time kiddies?

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