Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The week that was...

Interesting as it were.
Hobbies enjoyed.

The new RC boats are trying to Marvin me- like a try to upgrade two steps means really, ONE step. And the home made wine labels need a bit of differentiation too.

Aside from that, spent a few hours chasing swans and geese and other water fowl on the nearby lake with the speed boat, or impressing the passing elderly walkers with my absolute lunatic aspirations of traveling the globe on my new yacht. Not.

Spent more time trying to rejuvenate the bloody batteries! Charging them. Discharging them. Zapping them. And getting between 4 and 6 minutes out of each on the water. Yeah man. About 5 minutes. Lucky I have five of the bastards. Then the cooling system stuffed up- the water intake snapped off... Found a bit of copper tubing and now that is jury rigged with new larger tubing, and it works fine. But I am afraid the new system may be too heavy, she did not want to scare the wildlife yesterday morning... Back to the drawing board/Net...

The yacht is a fine thing. And Finer. Now. Been busy this week, wanting to upgrade it.

Tried to get into the RC unit to replace the batteries and could not! Searched the Net again for ideas. Manufacturer no good. Finally cracked it! Easier than what I was thinking- a sealed power source that lasted for a while then chuck the whole lot out? No.

I upgraded the rigging after searching the net for ideas. I found out the special I got on the price was NOT special. Of course. Anyway, always wanted one, and now I do. The stupid string rigging that came with it has
been torn away and replaced with 60lb plastic coated braided fishing wire. Ooh-la-la, ver' nahce, even if Ah do say so mah self! An it was cheap at the supermarket! Some other stringy things were replaced too, not sure that the main and jib sheets should be just yet.

Yesterday I went to the lake with the new shrouds and stays rigged up and had to find a spot away from the MADDENING CROWD of shoolies trying to keep dry in kayaks. First spot, very weedy, nearly had to walk in to retrieve the bloody thing. On the other side is a jetty, so off we chuffed, van, yacht an' me. Plunked her in and off we went, nice stiff breeze, but WET! Had to empty the bilges by hand. After about 45 minutes, thought I better get up from laying down on the jetty (easier to retrieve the bugger to empty the bilges) and get home to  greet the kidniks and cook dinner.

Today, replaced some chain-plates and fore-stay plates with customised aluminium bits scavenged years ago (thanks for that tip dad, save anything that could be used again). Then noticed jittery goings on with the RC and the servos! ARHG! Net search- wet thingamajigs? Yep, so out with the hair drier. All good now. Just have to waterproof the hatch and cover properly... And find the fine wood bit I just bought for the drills.

Grapevines and Wine
Pruned the Portable Vineyard shiraz back, selecting canes suitable for cuttings propagation. Marvined by rotted posts in a couple of pots, and bunches of weeds- yech!

Had half a bottle of Longford Fitzroy Shiraz the other night without realising it! I thought it was interesting enough, but noticed the next day it was the blend, and the last half was good that night too. Marvined by the label, thought it was the 100% Longford! I think it is a great little drop.

Checked the 2011 Fitzroy vintage while in the Alcoholery doing the Chandlery stuff. OCH WHAT? White scum in top of the barrel- she-yet! Taste test- NOT OFF! Good. Quickly cleaned up new "barrel" and racked it all off, topping the smaller container up with 2010 Longford Fitzroy, and now finishing that bottle off too. Noice Joyce!

Life's good.

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