Wednesday, June 1, 2011

T-shirts and Religions, A Clash

A double row of plates down her back.

Growing up, and deciding what is what

Remember Charlottes dinosaur tee shirt, the ridge back thing? Maybe you don't, but somehow or other, she has one that has purple stegosaurus plates sewn in a row down the back. I do not know whether Stegs were yellow or had ponytails and a snagglely tooth, but the current walking talking one does.

Of course, she is not obsessed with all things of  late Carboniferous period,Jurassic or Triassic like her big brother was years ago, but she has an healthy interest in things science oriented, thankfully. Son#1 gave a talk to a school assembly at the age of six in his first year of schooling- that is impressive, but gel#3a is not That into it. Even though- the last few months the two gels and I watch Universe all curled up on the couch, late in the evening on the weekends.

Anyway. She wore it the other month on a night out with her BFF at a Christian fellowship youth night...

Thats My Kid! I wonder if other people there could see, as it were, what a clash it was?

And she does not like the "brainwashing" prayer time things, and got given a bible, "for what?"

When she got back, in a bit of a tizz, there was "I do not think I like that."
Being the sod I am, I had to tell some one that would enjoy the incongruity, and #1 son did.
Ah, my kids! I love 'em so much.

I mean, I started a geology course, and ooh-la-la, that's my kinda stuff! All that time as a good catholic boy!? At home now, I have followed a sort of traditionalistic sort of thing. Like where a Christening to me is to acknowledge within the family or village or community, that the child actually survived the stumbling work-abouts that new parents clamber through, dragging close family and friends with them into that black hole of a) feeding b) clothing/wrapping c) bathing and worst of all d) changing stinky wrappings where velcro nuclear waste material that glows in the dark was excreted by a new baby... (Thank R.Williams!) After six months or so, the parents can afford to get pissed with the helpers and celebrate and name their kid! My four offspring can boast they have been to a pissup up celebrating survival of their arrival. Religions have a point- history- community, but let us not get hung up on interpreting the stories as real life please.

The older boys have played with religiosty or looked at it, and said "WTF?" And after four kids, to see them able to choose where life may take them rather than having force fed zealotry into their developing thinking brains, well, I am amazed and thankful. I think Tarnia would have been surprised and pleased to see it too. Being like me.

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