Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lists not done to be done

done at least
Boat back to Dad
Wine making '11

to be done

garden path weeds and  trip points

hedge planting continued
'vranduh tidy, clean and dump junk
grape vine pruning
fruit trees pruned back
weeds snipped/sprayed
yard clean, old spouting!
junk junked!
hedging on hedges to be hedged
yachting stuff back to Dad
Spare room Spruced for new occupant mid year
Well, that list above is a week old now!
And Nothing completed.

Today I sorted out my bedroom/office... Yep, vacuumed where it had not seen light for years and years and years, NO! A while, yeah. Ah, old utility bills! An expensive recharging station for NiCads etc went to the vranda today, and other nineties and early norties pc stuff too, and room looks so much better. Nearly. Have to decide on kicking out a new but shitey 23" monitor! Cannot find the receipt... yet.

Poor excuse to keep away from the kids, as they were up to date with their room [tidy and clean]. Just. If only because they were having guests for a sleep over this afternoon.

But, I had to knuckle down and sort and tidy and clean and and and etc etc etc my work area. Had to show some sort of example! I really just wanted to sort out my USB hubs actually, and with so much junk, there had to be a spare power adapter somewhere to power a hub or cobble one up! Keep on getting messages "faster if used a USB 2.0 connection". Bullshit, motherboard is slow! A netSearch reveals may need a new PC, YAY me. Bullcrap, NO WAY.  Success after an hour or two. Check th eDevices, looks like hubs are High Speed and the connections a full speed ie SLOW! Not sure on downloading files and upgrading motherboard and bios, but, never ever know if you don't give it a go... Not yet.

It's a bloody long weekend too top of it all! I had said If Things Were Done, I might take the Gels to a beachside town where we might spend a bit of loose change on mini-golf or something. We were away last weekend, were we not anyway? And this being the Longest Weekend for Winter...  And They Have Tue-sdee orf too... [Teachers need to report back to me and assure me their charges are doing well.] Importunately, it may be just a cold wet windy day at the "resort".

Well, the snow bunnies can have the snow this long weegen, they have too much money and no sense-  It Is Cold Up There You stupid rich bstds!

And I have lists to compile, do jobs and and and... You know. What I want and can't have, all over again.

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