Friday, June 17, 2011

So dad cant do more than one oh oh ooo!

Woddya mean I can nae do more?
Mixing priorities
Saturday is washing day. Laundry. But I mean to catch up with the PVR and do the taxi driver thing for three kids and do a bit of housework and play on the pc. And read my book. And it wants to rain.
What has this to do with doing more than one thing at a time? Distractions like others' blogs, scientific blogs on behaviour and geology and blogging and and and? 
I wanna go speedsailing out of town on the flat, but the wind is wrong direction by a point, and, well, cold. Like an apparent temperature of 8°C chill factor, but would be about 20° and sunny, in the van cabin. Out of the wind, on the water.. Maybe go pond sailing instead, but the model yacht need more waterproofing from waveLETS and other RIPPLES, so another search for parts... hmm, Blutak?
Nothing really gets done on time. One girl is off for the weegen, the other is lost, and I think lonely, and wants her back so they go for a sleepover someplace else. Calls recieved and DAD DAD is on. Son#2 is working again. 
I am making notes...
Ahhfghr1% need to put a load out and in... 'for it rains?

The reason for this post- if you have the time...herherher- It is about somebody that has more gadgets and a job than me...

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