Monday, June 6, 2011

Not Alone Halfway time

Family gathering
as I make it Halfway through My Allotted Lifespan.

Growing up, a favorite calculation I liked to make was imagining the year 2000 and how old I was going to be. And because death by then had never occurred to me- that was confidence that I was going to get there!

Thirty nine! When you are ten, it's like thinking about infinity. How fucking HUGE is that compared to 39? At that younger age, I was also told by a "farseer" at a cub-scout outing* that I was going to have six kids... I did not, I had four, a pair of each. Pretty sure that's right.... Maybe I should have told mum back then, cos I do have five siblings..

So of course, now I am halfway there to a letter from Queenie and Phil-babe. Or maybe Willsie and Cat? If I get one from Charlie, you would not need a feather to sit me down by then, just a quick reminder that his ears are not radar detectors.

Being the eldest of six, it was going to be a big weekend, as four of my siblings have kids making it a party of [counting on finger and toes] 15 "neffs-n-neeces", 5 sibs and 4 inlaws and my folks, only three missing [plus one permanently], so some highlights.

Left town Friday evening. Stay at my second brothers place in the Big Smoke. Was going to go to the football. See hereBro#2 has a new TV screen. Humongous and brilliant and and and...  It doesn't do dishes but so what. Bugger. Now I want one too. Son#1 turned up too, so it was good company, boys in the shed for the obligatory talking shit, and then back inside for some more family catch up and TV. So that was the first night. With half a bottle of The Alcoholery's 2010's finest, oh Yum! The littler kids, theirs and mine, were chatting away for awhile, and we were watching 3D tv... 

Next morning: Croissants and jam with Bro#2, his partner and all the ankle-biters. Of course my boys only just crawled out of the sac and we were moving...

My Bro#2 has a nice new retro looking Triumph and Son#2 was persuaded to ride with him to my Bro#1's  place, the other side of the Big Smoke. Three quarters there, the boys swapped  so both had a go as the pillion passenger. Now #2 son wants one of Them...

Lunch, For Moir?

We were fashionably late, but not too late. I think. There were my folks and my five sibs, their partners and the grandkids, or my "neffs-n-neeces". Twenty bloody seven, I think? A couple missing for Good reasons, like: a funeral- for my youngest sis-n-law's grandmother in NZed; Work- baby sis' pardner on the railway up North; Study; exams for a nef. Not a bad showing!

Luncheon was: EntrĂ©e: baby quiche(?). Main: Nice chicken on potatoe mash with salad. Red wine. White wine. And now I am thinking, bugger me, NO bloody champers! I forgot to bring some. Ah well, at my brothers' 50th in 18 months time! Anyway, His food was really good, and the 27 of us polished it all off, no need to clean the crockery! Well, nah mate, but the dishpigs handled it all rather well.

Cake was a special, cupcakes with nuts and toffee and a candle or two arranged in a pyramid setting. Yes, 50 candles, nearly all out in one go and Ree leant over to help! Hey- I am not that bad! Nearly got the last few myself, and had enough breath to "fart" it out! Speech was required at cake-n-50-candles-blow-out-time time. Ah. Nah mate. No way! N-right, K'. "Thanks everybody" and I ran for the hills... Nah, said a bit more than that. I really hate public speaking, and know I sound not at all like a radio presenter anyway. Bro#1 said some nice things too! As per. Family gift was a Balloon Flight over the Big Smoke!! Wow, never would have thought of that, and with Champers too! I  just have to pick a Quiet Spring or Summer morning.

So excellent. A day of Wine and Dine and Wine and Dine til Nine, [no, one am],  three videos and then bed. At 6am- acid burps, fecking shite! 

Good luck and thanks everyone.
* at Joseph Harris Scout Park Mt Martha  (VIC)

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