Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not as good or bad as

Hurt good or bad?

The First Daughter was in a school fund raising event and hurt herself running a around the school block.

At home, she said it was because of the running, and a swelling was above the ankle.

Home Diagnosis
"Hmm. A slight sprain my dear, ya'll be fine"

A week later, "Can we go to the doctor?"
"For a sprain? Let's try a wrapping?"

And nearly another week, the tapping down the hall before brekky was definitly signs of a limp!
Tap tip Tap tip Tap tip. Obviously it still hurt.

After my big birthday weegen.
Called the clinic and they could see us NEXT WEEK!
"BUT!" I said, "She has been limping for a fortnight now!"
"Sorry, will try to double book you. Tomorrow?"
Er. Yeah, guess have to fob off some work.

"Well sir, let's get x-rays and an ultra sound image of her leg."
Oh dear.
Twenty [thousand!] images later, the x-ray department let us out.
Had to wait another few days for the US.

Examination by technology
We got a message to "get in to see the doc", but US was being done when the clinic called [timing!].
It was no good to see the doc yet, I thought, and made an appointment for end of the week, in time for when the specialists had handed in their reports.
Not a good time. But it was a long weegen.
Another double booking for Tuesday? Fine.

Explanation by doctor
WRONG timing choice as the doctor sat us down and said it is a Broken Bone.


The x-ray report had been bloody quick, and I should not have delayed seeing the doctor!
Like, it was a chip or splinter off the Fibula, not even a greenstick fracture, but something that the US confirmed.

But there was no need for a plaster cast.

The "WHEW" was loud from the scrawny figure beside me.

A half cast or moonboot?
Well, let's rent a moonboot from the pharmacy?
BUT they did not have one, but they rang a supplier of medical good that might.
"Nah no rentals. $134 for one."
ARGH! The plaster cast was a freebie child! Cheesh!
"Shiteing....&^#$@!. [Muttley-like]" drive to the bloody shop later on.
Middle size to rent was there, but no good. Amex anyone? Yep. Crap.

So there you go. It was both a Good and Bad three weeks of, not shrieking hurt, the constant reminder of it being really painful at times, and "still swollen Daddy".
Bugger it, see the bloody doctor. A whining kid can be doing it for a reason after all!
A friend ignored comments for six months. It turned out to be fracture in the ankle bones somewhere...

Asked if she did not want too, but Eldest daughter still kept walking to school until the doc said- No Way! Looks like before-school socialising has precedence over recovery. And dad's common sense...

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  1. Wow Tone! Hugs to Charlotte! Hope she's back to running around again soon!

    Please give her a hug from me and tell her she should've got a cast so all her friends could sign it! :)
    d x