Saturday, June 25, 2011

One of those days

Slack time not.

One of those days you wake up to smell the... BRING BRING    BRING BRING

What the?
I only had two kids at home this morning, one out at a sleepover, one sleeping in and one dozing...
The phone rang, can #2gel have a talk- re sport?
She was still in her room, so, "No Steph. Call you."
Woke Sleeping beauty up anyway- re sport?
She-Still sore from soccer and taiko drum concert[?].
Called back, "Sorry. No, Steph."
Go to kitchen- dishwasher in drain mode since midnight... buggerisation!!!!
Rushed into laundry, sorted the whites in and pushed Start.
Another call, re last Tuesday vine pulling job? Ah, bugger, FORGOT.
"SORRY. I will be out this arvo Harry!"
Next load dirty clothes in, hang out first.
Beautiful Winter's day!
Rushedly dressed to go shop for birthday gift for gels' friend.
Next load, darks in, mixed out to dry, rush about fixing dishwasher (had got clues last time repair done).
Get a call. While Under Dishwasher...
Gels want to go to bonfire?
Oh yeah! But had to wait for #1 daughter.
Fix the machine, win!
Last load out to line and go to Harry's, Son#2 can look after gels.
Retrieve threatened vines from a mulching death, buy new pots.
Home and gels gone.
Son gone.
Organise myself! These vines here, those there, fix driveway, COFFEE TIME!!!!!
Son back. To go out to work.
Read messages, and Dear Diary Here.

Whew, and it's dinner for one..... What Will I have?

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