Saturday, September 11, 2010

Movies because.

The girls were acting suspiciously this morning, they were tidying things up around here!

Ahhh. There was a new 3D movie I might take them to. Even though it was not in the budget.

Vacuuming and trash taken out, brekky dishes done, and sweet smiles- pretty please eyes.

Did I want to see it as well? Unfortunately, yes...

No time for lunch, of we rushed.

The que was too long to collect snacks before the movie started, so bid look aboot thet, ay!

So it was 3D, a bit extra, but fun, and I got a few larfs out of it too. The girls missed some bits!

Then there was a message for me towards the end of the film from #1 Son- "PMU please". He was arriving back from the Powderfinger concert held in Melbourne last night.

And then another call as we walked out into the SUNSHINE from #2 Son- visitors had left gifts. Oh well, cannot be everywhere at once.

But. I did not turn the cell phone off in the cinema- could have been eject ulated if it had not been accidently left on silent but vibratory!

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