Thursday, September 23, 2010

car #7

After 6 months of gazing at a Mercedes in the car-park, the bank let me have one.
And the family car can have a rest- poor thing. A quality vee-hee-cal doin' deliveries!?

Its only a van, mind. Second hand too.
Big inside enough for the courier work, and ALL THE WINDSURFER stuff. Bigger than Lev
Oh yeah, and sleeping too.
So when the speed week comes up soon, off we go this year, the first time for years.
Maybe will afford it.
Even compete?
Will see.
At 30 bucks a month for another 3,003 years and 1 month, I think it is a cheap investment...

Weeelel, that's not quite right.
The investment was a better deal than that, within budget.
And hopefully will be able to do piece work for other little places around town.

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