Wednesday, September 22, 2010

helping a friend

Today I was asked to help out an ex-girlfriend. I cannot just say NO.

Not me. No excuse not to, I have the time. I suspect she knows that as well.

Anyway, she was a little late, as usual, to pick me up. Or should I say, her car was driven up by her eldest, The Learner Driver.

We were to measure some blinds and to see if they would fit in the windows at her new house she had just got built, in the next town.

There was the usual parental directing from the front passenger seat- Slow Down Please or We Will Pull Over and Swap Drivers! Been there! We arrived and his hoonish type car was scrapped up over the curb into the not yet made driveway. Advice offered on how to avoid scrapping the exhaust off next time he parked the car. Hope it did not seem boorish and in one ear and out the other.

It is a nice new house, largish bedrooms, two lounges, big block, with a bit of a view out the back to the south across the valley.

The blind did not fit the window, too long, needed to be cut? Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. Off the shelf does not always fit. Maybe get a shop to do it? I could fit it, but would the trim be neat enough? Dunno, dunno.

The blind did not fit back into it's box either!

Well, it was not me that stuffed some one else's dream up this time. There were alternatives.

Will keep posted- may be a handyman job there after-all!

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