Wednesday, September 1, 2010

leaving home...

No, they are not Leaving Home, just the morning school leaving time.
What a mess.

I get up later now. Because I have taken a leaf from a younger brothers book of raising kids.

They are to make their own sangers. I used to make great sangers!
Sounds good, even great! More sleep in for me. Ten minutes anyway.
So rise and shine at 8 o'clock. Listen to ABC news 7.45am first. Usually gently slide back into a doze.


So three have reduced lunch to a piece of fruit, a left-over piece of pizza. Maybe a jam swiped half slice of thick bread. (they don't realise it, but 2 is nearly 3 thin ones, ny-yah-haha).

And the choice of fruit, or carrot too, is 'immense'. Bananas, apples, water melon. There is other seasonal fruit too of course: home grown lemons, home grown limes, home grown kaffir lime leaves, home grown oranges, home grown mandarins, home grown table grapes, grass clippings, loquats, apples, and figs (who really eats them anyway?)

The store bought fruit. ALDI is just not good enough sometimes- bruised apples or pears. So? The other places are the same. If you don't eat it soon enough, course will brown out. Lesson of life, don't wait... Hmm.

Anyway. Back to leaving home for school. So the sangers or "lunches" are made and packed.

On Tuesday, it is a Rubbish Free day at the primary school. That's cool, that's why we have or had a million plastic containers in the cupboard. With no lids for some anymore. Oh well, use the cling wrap... But pick up the spares you swept to the floor and put them away PLEASE.

Then, have they brushed their teeth, have they tidied up the brekky plates left all over the place while watching TV, and put them in the dishwasher? Will you get out of the shower, 3 minutes is more than enough, we all have to use the bathroom too! I at least get to share the table with one of them as we break our fasts. It's a crazy time. What have you fed themselves this time? Do you know that a large packet of Nutrigrain lasts about 2 days here... I want them to wake up and get into the bathroom at 10 minute intervals. See? I want. I do not get! Apparently the girls get the boys up at the same time to see who gets into the shower first to make the other wait.

It's 8:30am, or nearly. They are dressed in the summer uniform, not the winter uniform. Why? I cannot get the answer out of them or a reasonable one anyway. If they freeze...
Then I kiss them or say bye, and have a great day, or nice day? See you tonight!

It might be rainy before they get there, or some dogs escape and bark the crap out of them, or a cat makes them late (cuteness factor).

Eight years to go. Think I will miss the bustle.

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  1. loved this post Tone...I smiled the whole way through and could picture them all!

    keep up the great work....your writing too!

    love you all lots