Sunday, September 26, 2010

daggy dad copiers!!!

Well there you/go.
My browser [chrome] crapped out(?) just before with a SNAP at me.
And most other sites had given up the ghost with a SNAP too.
The SAFARI and IE8 browsers worked. So?
UNINSTALL as the help pages DID NOT help?
REINSTALLED and boing. straightaway.

Brief situation description:
Went to a site. SNAP after entering what I had to!?!
Was it a gov ploy to f me around?
I had had to contact them this morning, so I did it via the WEB.
It did not get far after the SNAP so had to call the HELP DESK.
That sorted out some things, we will see about the rest.
However, I did not get the contact's ID for later to give them grief all over again.

Then I did the usual web surf, checked the blog, and SNAP, a smallest blink of the page colour and SNAP.

The help pages wanted me to go in deep down into my pc, and out of 100000 files, find this one particular file, back it up and start the dang program anew.
No such file.

Uninstall  and re-install after a few more very un-satisfactory UNhelp pages. Sort of working, not instantly going to sites, but wanting to download the site page. ?????

But back to the title of this little spay of verbose crap, punctured by screams from the living room by performance enhanced super children...

Becuase of the above breifly mentionmed IT problems, I did a search to see if there was something wrong with mah blog, see, and then the search came up with more DAGGY DAD sites!

I thought I was an original, am devastated, as a matter of  fact, decimated!!

Don't ya love that MISUSED term, is it losing ten percent or is it having only ten percent left?

Anyway, digressed again.

So there are a few other ozzie d.d.s sites around. Bugger.

Obviously I am going to try to lift this up a bit more, but who wants to hear about How To?

This blog is about what happens after a certain direction/method has failed, missed, worked, was funny or sad.

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